How Insuliner has the Power to Save Your Building from Raging Fires

You can’t go back in time to safeguard your building from fires, so it’s pointless dwelling on the past. If you want to limit the damage a fire can cause you’ll have to look at all the options available to you now. At the moment the hottest option seems to be retrofitting your building with Insuliner.

kingspan aircell insuliner

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Why You Should Use Insuliner When Lining Your Food Processing Shed

Whether you have a simple shed in your backyard or a commercial scale building, it’s a good idea to line the inside of your shed to keep the heat out or the cool in. Sheds that are used for food processing are somewhat different from those used to grow plants or as workshops because cleanliness is a major consideration as food is involved.

shed Insuliner

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How To Save Your Shed From The Next Mouse Plague Ready To Hit Australia

mice running around corrugated tinMice might be lovely little pets if they’re tucked away safely in a cage, but when they’re on the loose it’s a completely different story. Legend says when you’re in cities like New York you are only a couple of metres away from a rat at any given moment. Scientists are saying Australians might have the same kind of epidemic in a while thanks to a plague of mice about to strike.

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How To Turn Your Old Garage Into A Beautiful Craft Room In 6 Steps

Are there any interesting hobbies you’d like to try out? Sometimes people reject the idea because they don’t have enough room inside their home. A simple solution is to turn an old and unused garage into a beautiful craft room. If you’re interested it’s easier than you think, but there is some work you’ll have to do. Let’s break down the big steps you can’t ignore if you want the job done properly.


Retrofitting Some Insulation

If you keep your car in your garage insulation doesn’t matter too much. It will only take you a few seconds to jump into your car. If you’re going to be spending hours and hours in your craft room the opposite is true, so make sure your walls and ceiling are insulated correctly to keep you comfortable in both summer and winter.

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Should You Choose InsulShed 50 Or InsulBreak 65 For Your Steel Shed?

You already have a beautiful steel shed, but at the moment there is something missing. It’s a common problem and everyone wants to know which type of insulation they should choose. InsulShed 50 and InsulBreak 65 are the most popular options available, but it’s difficult to pick between the them.

buy aircell glareshield shed insulation roll

First of all, you have to remember they’re both popular for a reason. Both types of insulation have so many amazing qualities in common, but they also have their differences. Let’s focus in on what those differences are and you’ll be able to decide which one is right for you. Continue reading

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5 Solid Ways To Protect Chook Sheds And Bird Aviaries From Predators

Some people love spending time outdoors gardening in the sun, whereas others prefer to raise chooks and birds. Both of them require a lot of work in regards to safety, but when you’re building chook sheds and bird aviaries it’s easy to minimise the risks of other animals attacking during the construction phase. I’m sure you’ll want to get started on the right foot, so let’s focus on the things you should be thinking about before undertaking your project.


They Should Be Made From Steel

Can you ever in your wildest dreams imagine a predator breaking into a steel chook shed? A wooden one will also be safe in the beginning, but construction and maintenance are two different things. Even though something is okay now, it doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. Wood will deteriorate and if not maintained properly it becomes a liability, whereas steel will last forever.

Secure All The Gaps With Handyseal

Any kind of shed or aviary where you keep animals will have little nooks and crannies predators could easily exploit. You can instantly put a stop to that by using Handyseal, which will close up all those gaps vulnerable to attack. Not only will the PVC fill in the gaps, but it will expand over time sealing them up even more until it will be impossible for the smallest of insects to get inside. Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Thousand Bales of Hay from Spontaneously Combusting

You might have recently read about the big hay shed fires in Victoria. Two separate fires in different towns on the same day, and in both cases the sheds were completely destroyed. Over 1,000 bales of hay disappeared in a cloud of smoke that day too.


Even though there were six fire engines and over two dozen firefighters at each site, it turns out arriving within 20 minutes isn’t good enough. These baled hay fires could have killed people and caused devastating damage to everything in their path, so it’s worth looking at how we can stop them. Continue reading

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