5 Solid Ways To Protect Chook Sheds And Bird Aviaries From Predators

Some people love spending time outdoors gardening in the sun, whereas others prefer to raise chooks and birds. Both of them require a lot of work in regards to safety, but when you’re building chook sheds and bird aviaries it’s easy to minimise the risks of other animals attacking during the construction phase. I’m sure you’ll want to get started on the right foot, so let’s focus on the things you should be thinking about before undertaking your project.


They Should Be Made From Steel

Can you ever in your wildest dreams imagine a predator breaking into a steel chook shed? A wooden one will also be safe in the beginning, but construction and maintenance are two different things. Even though something is okay now, it doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. Wood will deteriorate and if not maintained properly it becomes a liability, whereas steel will last forever.

Secure All The Gaps With Handyseal

Any kind of shed or aviary where you keep animals will have little nooks and crannies predators could easily exploit. You can instantly put a stop to that by using Handyseal, which will close up all those gaps vulnerable to attack. Not only will the PVC fill in the gaps, but it will expand over time sealing them up even more until it will be impossible for the smallest of insects to get inside. Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Thousand Bales of Hay from Spontaneously Combusting

You might have recently read about the big hay shed fires in Victoria. Two separate fires in different towns on the same day, and in both cases the sheds were completely destroyed. Over 1,000 bales of hay disappeared in a cloud of smoke that day too.


Even though there were six fire engines and over two dozen firefighters at each site, it turns out arriving within 20 minutes isn’t good enough. These baled hay fires could have killed people and caused devastating damage to everything in their path, so it’s worth looking at how we can stop them. Continue reading

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How Does This Steel Garden Shed Reach Speeds Over 140 km/h?

shed on wheels

You can build the most elaborate shed in the world, but will it really stand out? Nobody is going to notice it sitting in the back of your garden, but they would if it was to whizz past them on the street. Kevin Nicks, a 51-year-old gardener from Oxfordshire in England decided he would test it out for himself. Within seven months his VW Passat with 16 years on the road suddenly morphed into a garden shed. Not only was this fast shed on wheels blowing people away, but it also destroys the current Guinness World Record. Continue reading

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Everything You Must Take Into Consideration When Building a Steel Horse Stable


Horses used to roam around freely before they were domesticated. They would encounter all different kinds of weather and terrain as they wandered around. Even though they can handle the elements better than humans it’s going to hurt when they’re exposed to extreme weather conditions.

If you want them to live a more natural lifestyle they’ll need a steel horse stable, which will help improve their physical health along with their comfort level. I’m sure you’ll want to get everything right when it’s time to build your shed, so let’s look at things you need to take into consideration.

The Size of the Shed

The most important thing to think about when you’re considering the size of your shed is personal space. If your horses don’t have any it’s going to leave them distressed. As a general rule of thumb, you’re looking at around 12 square metres per horse. If they’re in stalls you’ll want them to be roughly Continue reading

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Why You Should Renovate Your Shed If It’s Used For Commercial Purposes


Do you run a commercial business from your shed? It can be one of the nicest buildings in the world with the ability to stand out, but that only applies if your shed is in good shape. The exact opposite could be true if your shed looks tired and run down.

It could ultimately cost you a lot of business by horrifying current customers and scaring away new ones. Luckily you can revamp your shed without having to spend lots of money on a new one. Here are some of the areas you should focus a lot of your attention on.  Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Every Motor Enthusiast Needs Retroseal Domestic for Their Shed

car garage steel shed

Every motor enthusiast wants to protect their car at all costs, so it’s obvious you’ll want to keep your vehicle indoors for maximum protection. Unfortunately, if you keep your vehicle inside a shed it’s still possible for the elements and vermin to squeeze in between the gap in your concrete slabs and corrugated profile. The only way to completely lock it up is by fitting Retroseal Domestic to your shed, and we’re going to look at a few of the things you won’t have to worry about any longer once everything is set up.  Continue reading

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Gal-Stair Heavy Steel Staircase Kits for the Shed Industry

There’s no doubt that the Gal-Stair Heavy Steel Staircase is one of the best heavy-duty steel staircase solutions in the market today. In addition to this, these durable, solidly-constructed steel staircases come with a variety of accessories and options to make your user experience even better and easier. This includes:

1. Non-Slip Safety Nosing Strips
As you may already know, non-slip safety strips are a standard requirement for all types of staircases be they for use either in commercial or domestic settings. And this is in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. In this light, the non-slip nosing strips have been made to suit all possible applications be it wet or oily working conditions. The strips are FRP based (that means that they won’t corrode or rust) and are also UV resistant in addition to being sufficiently abrasive and extremely strong.

gal stair steel staircase kit

2. Gal-Safety Balustrade
As a safety complement to all Shed Stairs, a unique balustrade system is added to each unit. For those who may not be familiar with this structure, the Shed Stair Australia Balustrade System is a durable, strong and Continue reading

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