Protect the investment you have made in your shed.

Vermaseal is designed to be installed during the construction of your Shed. If your shed is built already use Superseal or Retroseal for corro.

Vermaseal not only seals the bottom of the sheeting profile so that vermin are prevented from entering the Shed at the bottom wall edge, it also prevents wind and rain from coming up under the sheeting.

This product also isolates your sheeting from the concrete slab and the chemicals in concrete that can lead to early corrosion of your sheets bottom edge. You can colour match Vermaseal using Colorbond Coverflash available on ordering tab. 
Vermaseal is available in 25mm and 30mm step downs. For sheds with a small sheet overhang of 20mm or less we recommend Code 14 and for 25mm -30mm sheet overhang we suggest Code 14B

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Vermaseal PVC is available in box lots of 42 pieces which covers 63 metres. Share a box with a mate or you can buy it in 6 different size job lot options.  Set down of <25mm select Code 14 or <30mm select Code 14B.

If you require Steel Vermaseal for Bushfire prone regions to meet BAL levels then please check out Vermaseal STEEL.


If you would like to colour match the Vermaseal to your shed you can navigate back to this page and add Cover Flashings to your online shopping cart, they are listed in pack sizes below the Vermaseal packs.  Coverflash is supplied in 1.2m lengths and 19.2m is the minimum order here. Please use the drop down box to select the colour flashing you require. There is no need to select a colour if you are just ordering Vermaseal. You can also just order Coverflash if you already have your Vermaseal and just need to add Coverflash.

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They travel by TOLL Road and their on-forwarders or occasionally with Australia Post.
Some locations may be deemed inaccessible by the freight network and will require collection from a regional depot.

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