Steel Sheds and living in Temporary Dwellings

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Temporary Accommodation

We always recommend you consult your local council or private certifier for advice on using a shed as a temporary dwelling whilst you build your home.

The use of a transportable building, caravan or converted shed for a temporary dwelling is usually discouraged and is usually only permitted once a building permit or DA has been issued for a permanent dwelling on the land.

A transportable building, caravan or converted shed for a temporary dwelling is usually limited to a maximum period of 2 years or completion of the permanent dwelling, whichever happens sooner.

The types of buildings used as temporary dwellings include:

  • Purpose built buildings (kit homes, a building later converted to a studio, home office etc)
  • A steel shed converted to or fitted out as a dwelling
  • Transportable building
  • Caravans

The many circumstances under which people live in a temporary dwelling vary. Temporary dwellings can usually occur on rural or rural residential properties typically for the following reasons:

  • The residents can’t afford to build the permanent dwelling for a period of time.
  • To minimise costs (eg: to avoid renting accommodation) during construction of the permanent dwelling.
  • Security of the building site during construction of a permanent dwelling.

NOTE: Where a temporary dwelling is constructed or occupied without planning, building or health approval, action may be taken by councils to cease the occupation of the temporary dwelling.

Sheds can certainly be used for temporary dwellings by ticking the right boxes with councils.

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  1. David The Shed Erector says:

    David, Tried to ask a question on the silver aircell stuff article but can’t – so asking here – can I just buy this in Adelaide from someone if the clients of the shed I am building wants this stuff or do I buy it off you?

  2. David says:

    Hi David, shipping to Adelaide is no problem. We do require a ship to address where there is a person available to sign for the shipment 9am to 4pm Mon to Friday. Apart from that, no worries!

  3. David The Shed Erector says:

    Thanks – David – Will be in touch shortly – doing a shed at North Adelaide Medium – for some big mob – normally work in NT and central SA with Commercial sheds!

  4. David says:

    cheers, if you need to contact us direct you can email us at

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