Larnec Doors & Systems are a proven Australian owned and operated manufacturer of metal doors to the Industrial & Commercial, Container, Shed & Garage Transportable industries. They produce a range of quality, customised and competitively priced metal door solutions with a wide range of PA or personal access doors available. We highly recommend Larnec Doors for your commercial or industrial building and we can have them delivered to your company or worksite.

Their doors are specifically made for long-lasting security solutions, whilst enhancing all entranceways with class, sophistication and the necessary armoury to withstand Australia’s toughest weather conditions. Over 30 years in the industry proves this.

We have the best prices for you! You can shop for your Personal Access or PA doors here, online with ShedBlog. Get your Shed Products Direct from us, saving you time and money, and have them delivered to you at your home, business or worksite.


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The Sentry™ 650 range of doors are the number one choice in doors for any type of application in the garage or shed industry. These doors are found on many leading shed across Australia. All the Sentry™ products come with a guaranteed 24 Month warranty ensuring all our clients know they are using a world-class product, designed to save them time and money. Buy your online today.  PRICING

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The Sentry™ 200 range offers our clients a high to medium-security door that provides ample security ratings for use in buildings such as factories, office buildings, shopping centres and transportable buildings and is rated for N5 and up to  Cyclone regions C2. Sentry 200 is the perfect door for commercial and industrial buildings doors. Easily retrofit if you want a PA door that is a cut above the rest.  PRICING

The Sentry™ 380 range of cyclone proof doors are exceptionally tough and ready to face the worst mother nature can hurl at them. Suitable for any building type in cyclonic regions. Pre-hung in our welded frames and simple to install. Get prices here on ShedBlog Shed Products Direct online store and have them delivered to your site. Where the Sentry 200 is Region C rated. These are region D.   PRICING

The Sentry™ 100 range of doors have been used in prisons, banks, hospitals, airports.  Like the Sentry 200 but with a solid core. They offer all users peace of mind knowing they have a door designed to meet their exact requirements. The Sentry™ 100 is a high-security door ideal for commercial and industrial buildings of all types where a high level of security is essential. PRICING

Venttec™ Industrial Wall Vents – These strong and durable fixed industrial wall vents are to add additional airflow to your industrial or commercial shed structure. Quick and easy to install, our industrial fixed wall vents are designed and manufactured in 5 different sizes: 600x600x75, 600x1200x75, 900x900x75, 900x1200x75, 1200x1200x75. They have a choice of bird mesh or insect mesh as standard. Ideal for any industrial, commercial or shed and garage environment. All standard colorbond colours. PRICING


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The Larnec Equine Doors are perfect for adding to your barn or stable.

This fully powder coated, split swing stable door can be opened just at the top to allow the horse some fresh air and a view. It can also be used as a standard exit door into an exercise area or paddock.


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The Larnec Stable Shutters 860 double is a single skin metal clad pre hung outward opening double door set.

The 860 door leaf consists of two 18mm ply inserts silicone and screwed to welded and powder coated 35x35x1.6mm SHS tube frames which are clad (the external face & sides) using one 0.5mm Colorbond steel sheet which is then fastened on by matching coloured steel rivets with silicone for noise reduction.

Larnec Doors & Systems – The industry leader

  1. Comprehensive 24-month factory-backed warranty.
  2. Manufactured to all Government safety and building standards (Building code of Australia and Australian Standards).
  3. Fully welded for strength and safety.
  4. Latest manufacturing technology.
  5. Maintenance-free doors.
  6. Time-saving products for installation.
  7. Full technical and problem-solving support.
  8. The best Australian made materials.
  9. Customised door solutions to any size or shape needed.
  10. Larnec is 100% Australian owned and operated.
  11. Larnec have over 30 years of experience supplying to the building industry Australia wide!


Yes, however, If your site or home is deemed remote by the freight forwarders, it may be necessary to collect from a regional centre near you. Taurean doors can be picked up from a local depot in the capital cities and a few regional centres. Larnec can salso be delivered to a Toll Depot should your location be remote.

Manufacture time varies from 10 working days to 25 working days depending on the model of the door. The Standard shed doors – Larnec Sentry 650, tend to be at the 10-day end of the supply range. The Taurean range of doors has a 4-week lead time.

Larnec has a range of doors from Single skin shed doors to double-skin commercial doors to Heavy duty industrials. Taurean only makes single-skin doors suited to steel sheds. 

Two brands are available, Larnec & Taurean. Both are Australian Made.

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