Portal frames are the most common form of structural framing used in Steel Sheds. This is part 1 of “Building Steel Shed Portal Frames” part 2 is here

about portal frames and sheds

Portal frame construction is typically seen in sheds, garages, warehouses, barns and other places where large, open spaces are required at a low cost and a pitched roof is acceptable or desired. Portal frames can be clad with all sorts of material, the most popular being metal cladding like Colorbond or Zincalume. The Roof and wall sheeting are fixed to Battens or Girts that are placed between the Portal Frames.

Generally portal frames consist of 2 Columns, 2 Rafters, 2 Knee plates, 2 footing brackets and an Apex plate. These components are fastened together with either nuts and bolts or tek screws, usually depending on the size, design or engineering requirments of the shed and the windspeeds and location of your building.buy steel portal frame components onlineAn integral part of your Portal Column is the method that is used to fix the building down. Sheds are most commonly fixed down to a concrete slab or to concrete pad footings. Cast in slab brackets , straps or bolts are generally considered the most effective method to fix your shed down. Other methods that are used are on slab footings plates fixed down with either chemical anchors, screw bolts or sleeve anchors (dynabolts)

on slab footing bracket screw bolt fixing

On slab bracket with screw bolt fixing

Simple on slab bracket with sleeve anchor fixing

Simple column base plate with sleeve anchor fixing

Cast in slab strap footings bracket

Cast in the slab strap footing bracket

Most.portal.frame cee section columns are often connected to the rafters by folded brackets or plates called Knee Plates or Haunches. Depending on the shed brand and the engineering requirements for the building they are fastened with either nuts and bolts or self drilling metal screws. Even the number of bolts securing knee and apex plates to columns and rafters varies from brand to brand. Example of apex and knee plate varieties from two major shed suppliers.
Ranbuild deluxe sheds knee plate buy

Knee plate for a Ranbuild Deluxe steel building

Ranbuild deluxe shed haunch knee plate

Ranbuild deluxe range shed knee plate

apex plate set up on ranbuild super

Apex plate and Z section apex support on Ranbuild Super

fair dinkum sheds knee plate purchase

Fair Dinkum Sheds Knee Plate

knee plate fair dinkum shed design

Fair dinkum sheds knee plate or haunch

Fair Dinkum Sheds apex bracket purchase

Fair Dinkum Sheds apex bracket


Assembling and standing a Portal frame – Click here to continue reading.

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