What tools do I need to Build a Steel Shed

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It’s funny, but when I really think back to when I used to build sheds, garages and carports, the tools and equipment that really made a difference to my shed building and the time it takes were not what you might first think. The truly invaluable equipment and tools were a good tool belt, a decent work trailer, some aluminium trestles and planks, a generator and good drills. What this meant was I could put all my other invaluable tools to better use in a safe and timely fashion in almost all circumstances.

The following list of tools is not what you would expect the everyday DIY homeowner who wants to build his own shed to have on hand in the garage. However, some hunting about with your friends and relatives should allow you to assemble a close-to-complete list of what you need to do a great job building your own shed.

I will make a note or two on each tool or piece of equipment and mention why it’s handy to have and what I have used each tool for in the past. You may also find links to Amazon, where you can shop for a tool if you cannot beg, borrow or steal it from a relative or a mate.

Step Ladder

Often, to reach, you just need an extra step or two and having a sturdy step ladder is of great value in moving about and getting stuff done quickly and carefully. Much easier to handle and move about the shed site quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss. Shop Amazon Australia for a Step Ladder.


On some small sheds, a good ladder can help you do a fair bit before getting out the trestles and planks. Also, handy when it comes to installing headers, header flashing, and just generally working at around 8-10 feet high. Need a ladder? Check some out here on Amazon.

Portable scaffold

Scaffold (work platform) Trestles and planks

This is a must-have equipment for the shed builder. You can’t always afford a battery lift, crane, or scaffolding platform, so the versatile trestle ladders and planks are super handy. Get your scaffold now!
Heavy Duty Extension lead

Extension Leads

Heavy-duty, bright-colour extension leads are something you can’t do without. Don’t settle for less when it comes to power – equip yourself with our high-quality extension leads today!

RCD Safety Switch

Power board with earth leakage safety switch

because you are not always sure what you are plugging into for your power, it’s a must-have piece of safety equipment. Get yours here.

Makita Rotary Hammer Drill

Rotary Hammer Drill

for making holes in concrete for anchors like dynabolts and screwbolts. These are most often used around the primary columns, roller door columns and PA door frames. It has much more power than a standard hammer drill. Get yours now and experience the strength beyond standard drills!

Black + Decker Lithium Impact Driver

Battery-powered Impact Driver Drill (tek gun/screw gun)

This is a handy drill for screwing frames, purlins and battens and cladding. They are designed to drive lots of fasteners into tough materials quickly. Elevate your efficiency – get the battery-powered impact driver drill that works as hard as you do. 

Makita Screw Gun

Roofing Drill Screw Gun

Roofing drills have an excellent trigger that can vary the speed. They have tremendous torque and a mechanism that turns the socket only when the appropriate pressure is applied to the screw. Almost like a clutch. Helps you stop the bit to avoid over-fastening. Say goodbye to over-fastening hassles. Elevate your roofing game with precision and control – experience the excellence of Roofing Drill Screw Gun.

Link to Dewalt Compact Hammer Drill Driver Kit

Battery or Power Drill

A drill is designed to drill holes, e.g. for putting pop rivets in or creating bolt holes in steel if required. It’s not a hammer drill, an impact driver. Empower your projects with our versatile Battery or Power Drill! Say goodbye to limitations – invest in a drill that adapts to your needs.

Drill Holder

Drill Pouch

Somewhere handy to place your drill when you need to use your hands. Types vary depending on your drill. I like it when they are actually a hook on the side of the drill that hangs off your tool belt. Upgrade your work efficiency – grab a drill pouch today and enjoy the convenience of having your drill right where you need it!

Tool Belt

Tool Belt

Having a good tool belt that has some handy bits and pieces in it, as well as the fasteners you may want for the stage of the job you are in, will make your life so much better. Keep a Texta, a pencil, various driver bits, screws, and a tape measure and hang your drill off it, and you are a real pro now, ready to conquer that shed.



builders pencil is suitable for marking up concrete, timber, and plastics but not recommended for steel as it can cause corrosion of the coatings; use a Texta instead. Nico maker (Texta) is great for marking steel and won’t corrode the surfaces.

Stanley Fat Max 10m

Tape Measure

I used two types – a six or 8-metre unit in mm and a more significant tape with a winding handle for doing shed diagonals, slabs, etc. Get your 10m tape measure here.

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench and sockets or Ratchet Socket set

for doing up dynabolts, screwbolts, the nuts and bolts on your knee, apex and footing plates. Have a selection of sockets on hand from 10mm upwards. Elevate your efficiency – grab your set now for powerful and precise fastening!

String Line

String Line

helps visualise straight lines, edges, etc. Get your String Line now for a sharper, more defined outcome!

Chalk Line

Chalk Line

handy for marking out slabs, placing columns, portals, wall frames, etc. Don’t settle for guesswork – invest in accuracy. Get your chalk line today and transform your projects with precision marking!

Fat Max Spirit level

Spirit Level (Straight Edge)

you need this to make sure your shed is straight. Get your columns vertical, door frames square, etc. I used two; one was about a metre long and the other about two metres long. Don’t build without it – secure your spirit level today!

Combination Square


use this when you need to mark out purlins and battens. It is handy when you need to notch out sections and you want them to be neat and square.

Stanley Fat Max Knife

Stanley Knife

Use to open strapping, sharpen your pencils, open packaging on site. Upgrade to the Stanley knife for convenience in every cut. Grab yours today!

Tin Snips

Tin snips, Left and right (red & green)

Valuable for a whole host of jobs from nothing out and trimming flashing, cutting cladding and scribing in the ridge capping. Get your left and tight Tin Snips today for precise, hassle-free results!



so handy to have when that “I just need a pair of scissors” moment happens



Tapping heavy items or adjusting shapes is easier with a hammer.

Sledge Hammer


We most often used a sledgehammer when building a shed to drive pickets and large wooden pegs into the ground. We would run bracing battens from columns down to these solid pegs helping to hold the portal frames up, square and straight.


Angle Grinder, small and large

Handle with caution, but handle with precision – equip yourself with the small and large Angle Grinder! Careful with these dangerous tools. Handy to cut battens, notch purlins, cut openings into buildings. I’ll say again… Take care. 



We used scribes to bend and snap sheeting. Due to the tensile of the steel cladding, You can make a  scribe line along a sheet, fold it at that point, and work till it snaps cleanly.


Screw Drivers (flat and Philips head)

Because there are always things to tighten, fix and lever, so having a few is handy. e prepared for any task – grab your screw drivers now and keep things in order with ease!

Pop Rivet Gun

Pop rivet gun

A must-have for putting rivets in. Don’t miss out – secure your pop rivet gun now and experience the efficiency of seamless riveting!

Drill bit for rivets

Drill bit for rivets

Another must-have to put rivets in



because two sets of hands are better than one. Double your efficiency with clamps – because two sets of hands are better than one! 

Caulking Gun

Caulking Gun and Roofing Silicon

For sealing up gutters, stopends, droppers and some parts of a window install. Elevate your weatherproofing game – get your caulking gun and roofing silicon now for a seamless, durable finish. 

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses

stop you from going blind, getting annoying scratches in the eye, and having rust spots appear in your vision. Upgrade to safety glasses and see the difference in both safety and clarity.

Ear Protection

Ear protection

So you can still hear the wife after work. Get your ear protection now and enjoy the best of both worlds – a protected hearing and a happy home life!

Safety Gloves


a set of fine leather or material and rubber helps protect the hands from minor cuts and abrasions while still being able to use tools and hold screws. Get your gloves today for a perfect blend of protection and functionality!

Steel Cap Boots

Good boots (steel caps)

as much for turning your boot into a tool as they are to protect your feet. Get a comfy pair.

sunscreen and insect repellent

Sunscreen and Insect repellent

keep the bugs off and the sun under control. Don’t get it on your steel or cladding, though, as it can mark it and be hard to remove. Upgrade your protection – get your sunscreen and insect repellent for a more comfortable and worry-free workday!

This is quite a list and you may not need all thats on it. The more you can get access to though, the easier your shed build will be. So as we suggested at the beggining of this blog post. See what you can beg, borrow or steal from your family and friends. The, if you do decide to purchase some extra tools and you do that through our links here to Amazon. We may