Skillion Seal – PRE-CUT Apron style flashing for Steel Sheds and Garages

barn apron flashing skillion seal campbell shed productsember seal ridgeseal barn seal bal seal buy online paypalSkillion PRE-CUT seal is a two piece design flashing from  Campbell Shed Products which can be used when you are placing a skillion roof off the side of an existing shed or garage. Instead of cutting and resheeting the side wall you can build your roof then apply the specially designed flashing and silicon sealant to achieve a sound weather tight extension.

The idea is that you nominate the two profiles of cladding that the flashing will meet, the wall and the roof. Make sure you Weather the top of the roof sheets where they butt the wall. When constructing you then position and fasten the flashing as appropriate. Once assembled you apply a liberal bead of quality silicon sealant to the top edge of the top seal which completes the job.

skillion seal flashing barn apron campbell shed products

  • easy to fit
  • No need to cut wall sheeting
  • fashings are sheet width for easy install.
  • Colorbond or Zincalume.
  • Use on barns, farm sheds, carports, annexes, patios, extentions
  • Use in place of traditional Apron Flashings when adding on to an existing building.

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service support and quality guarantee banner shedblogTo order….. Simply select the pack size you require remembering that this is two piece flashing eg. a 24 piece pack will provide enough flashings to cover a 9.14m roof join. In the space provided below fill in the “Roof Profile” and the “Wall Profile” and you can also nominate the colour required in the same box, eg. in roof box… Custom Orb/ Zincalume and in Wall box… Trimdek / Pale Eucalypt. ALSO we can provide profiles for Corro, Monoclad, Spandek, Smartspan, Metrospan, Sureclad, Superdek,  etc. Unsure, just call or email us for assistance.

Please provide an address that is most likely to have some one present to sign for the package, otherwise; *select box that gives the authority to leave your parcel if no one is home or onsite. Unattended parcels are at your own risk. Shipping is via Toll Ipec. Shipping as follows will be added during check out; NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC $20. SA, TAS & NT $25 and for WA $30. Please make sure you order enough product as minimum order amounts apply and such we cannot ship just a few extra pieces on their own. New Zealand orders by arrangement.
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