With farmers being urged to prepare for another mouse plague similar in proportion to the 2021 numbers, there is no better time to look into vermin proofing your shed than now!

Twitter account MouseAlert has identified growing populations in Central Queensland, the Southern Riverina in NSW, the Northern Valley in Victoria, the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and Western Australia.

During the 2021 season, millions of dollars worth of crops were destroyed, and extensive damage was caused to farm machinery, vehicles and buildings. One-third of the farmers surveyed by NSW Farmers estimated their losses to be somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000 total from the crop, vehicle, equipment and building damage.

CSIRO Research scientist Steve Henry has been quoted as saying “Farmers need to get out of their vehicles and walk through their paddocks to see signs of mouse activity, We haven’t reached plague proportions but we are getting reports of higher numbers across the cropping zone and farmers need to be prepared to take action to reduce numbers as they sow the winter crop, As it gets colder mice are also seeking shelter and are coming into houses and other buildings,” he said.

ShedBlog has a range of products available to combat the mouse problem inside your shed.

Vermaseal Steel offers the toughest perimeter protection for vermin entry while also preventing embers from entering and water from splashing up. Designed to be easily installed during the construction phase of your shed, it’s a must-have part of your shed.


Cleverseal roller door seal is an easy DIY installation product that combines hard-wearing aluminium carriers with a long-lasting nylon brush seal to create a tight seal around your roller door, preventing vermin and dust entry to your shed. It also comes in a flame retardant option to maintain the BAL rating on your property.

Introducing Cleverseal

Retroseal Superseal is an easy and affordable retrofit product capable of sealing your shed from vermin entry after construction has been completed. Superseal comes in many different profiles to match your wall cladding.

superseal in a shed

Don’t be one of those people wishing they had sealed their shed once the damage has been done. Get in front of the problem and fit some easy DIY vermin proofing to your shed today.

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