TradeSelect Thermal Insulations are four-in-one insulation solutions designed to replace traditional foil sarking, bulk fibre and offer sound reduction while also acting as a thermal break with one easy application.

Trade Select Thermal Insulations are thin insulation products that work by creating highly reflective airspaces in building applications whether domestic, commercial or industrial. TradeSelect Thermal Insulation is made using the finest materials incorporating aluminium foil laminates on each side with a core of closed-cell XPE foam. This foam has very low conduction effectively reducing the amount of heat transmission.

Reasons to choose Trade Select Insulation

  • ThermalBrane 7 has an innovative foil flap that provides an extra 3m2 coverage per roll. This overlap flap means you get 30m2 COVERAGE in a roll, whereas other products are only 27m2 COVERAGE when overlapped.
  • ThermalBreak 7 meets or exceeds the thermal break requirement set by the NCC/BCA.
  • Trade Select Thermal Insulations are not only thermal insulators but also an effective sound dampener, helping protect against rain noise, aircraft noise and local traffic.
  • Trade Select Thermal Insulations have tough reinforced scrims for extra strength. All products are anti-tear, and with an Extra Heavy Duty, rating are amongst the most durable on the market.
  • Due to extra coverage, most projects will use fewer rolls, saving not only material costs but also labour. The product is 10% wider than similar products, saving up to 10% in installation labour costs.

How To Order – If you are located in a capital city, collection is available from a local depot. If you are outside of these areas or would like delivery please select the applicable options.

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