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In the world of steel shed construction in Australia, the value of high-quality hand tools cannot be overstated. The selection of hand tools on Amazon is extensive, including hammers, screwdrivers, tin snips, measuring tapes, and much more. They’re tailored to meet the demands of both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. Be sure to choose a tool for its durability, precision, and ease of use, ensuring that your shed-building experience is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Is the hammer designed for optimal balance and weight distribution, making it perfect for driving nails with precision. Does the screwdriver range boast ergonomic handles and high-strength tips, ideal for assembling shed components with ease? Are the tinsnips sharp and reliable, perfect for cutting through metal sheets effortlessly, while the measuring tapes provide accurate and easy-to-read measurements, essential for precise construction?


Discover the perfect hand tools for your next project by clicking on the links provided. The selection, available on Amazon, offers a convenient and secure shopping experience. You’ll find everything from basic hammers and screwdrivers to specialized tin snips and robust measuring tapes. These tools are not only essential for building steel sheds but are also versatile enough for a wide range of construction and home improvement projects. Shop now and equip yourself with the tools that are built to last and designed to deliver unmatched performance in every task.

Be sure to check the reviews, return policies and shipping options with the various tool stores as you shop online via Amazon. Remember that a cheap tool is likely cheap for a reason!
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Tool Belts

Tool Belt

Having a good tool belt that has some handy bits and pieces in it, as well as the fasteners you may want for the stage of the job you are in, will make your life so much better. Keep a Texta, a pencil, various driver bits, screws, and a tape measure and hang your drill off it, and you are a real pro now, ready to conquer that shed.



builders pencil is suitable for marking up concrete, timber, and plastics but not recommended for steel as it can cause corrosion of the coatings; use a Texta instead. Nico maker (Texta) is great for marking steel and won’t corrode the surfaces.

Tape Measures

Tape Measure

I used two types – a six or 8-metre unit in mm and a more significant tape with a winding handle for doing shed diagonals, slabs, etc. Get your 10m tape measure here.

String Lines

String Line

helps visualise straight lines, edges, etc. Get your String Line now for a sharper, more defined outcome!

chalk line

Chalk Line

handy for marking out slabs, placing columns, portals, wall frames, etc. Don’t settle for guesswork – invest in accuracy. Get your chalk line today and transform your projects with precision marking!

spirit level

Spirit Level (Straight Edge)

you need this to make sure your shed is straight. Get your columns vertical, door frames square, etc. I used two; one was about a metre long and the other about two metres long. Don’t build without it – secure your spirit level today!



use this when you need to mark out purlins and battens. It is handy when you need to notch out sections and you want them to be neat and square.

Stanley Knife

Stanley Knife

Use to open strapping, sharpen your pencils, open packaging on site. Upgrade to the Stanley knife for convenience in every cut. Grab yours today!

Tin Snips

Tin snips, Left and right (red & green)

Valuable for a whole host of jobs from nothing out and trimming flashing, cutting cladding and scribing in the ridge capping. Get your left and tight Tin Snips today for precise, hassle-free results!



so handy to have when that “I just need a pair of scissors” moment happens



Tapping heavy items or adjusting shapes is easier with a hammer.



We most often used a sledgehammer when building a shed to drive pickets and large wooden pegs into the ground. We would run bracing battens from columns down to these solid pegs helping to hold the portal frames up, square and straight.



We used scribes to bend and snap sheeting. Due to the tensile of the steel cladding, You can make a  scribe line along a sheet, fold it at that point, and work till it snaps cleanly.

screw drivers

Screw Drivers (flat and Philips head)

Because there are always things to tighten, fix and lever, so having a few is handy. e prepared for any task – grab your screw drivers now and keep things in order with ease!

pop rivet gun

Pop rivet gun

A must-have for putting rivets in. Don’t miss out – secure your pop rivet gun now and experience the efficiency of seamless riveting!

drill bits

Drill bit for rivets

Another must-have to put rivets in



because two sets of hands are better than one. Double your efficiency with clamps – because two sets of hands are better than one! 

caulking gun

Caulking Gun and Roofing Silicon

For sealing up gutters, stopends, droppers and some parts of a window install. Elevate your weatherproofing game – get your caulking gun and roofing silicon now for a seamless, durable finish. 

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