Beat The Winter Chill Inside Your Shed

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Shed Homes, Shed Windows, Sheds garages carports, Vermin Flashings, Vermin proofing | 0 comments

Now that winter in Australia is in full swing, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that your shed or steel building is well-prepared to withstand the chilly weather conditions. Whether you use your shed for storage, as a workshop, or even a cozy retreat, proper preparation will protect your belongings and keep your shed comfortable throughout the colder months. Keep reading to explore some practical tips to get your shed ready for winter in Australia.

Periodically inspecting your shed for signs of damage, rust, leaks or gaps will provide plenty of opportunity to look at areas where cold air or moisture could enter your shed. Be sure to check around the roller door, around any PA doors or windows. The bottom of the wall sheets is a common source of rust, especially in wet climates where the wall sheet may come into contact with dirt or grass etc.

Sealing the air gaps in your shed will go a long way to improving the climate inside your shed or steel building. Using a quality vermin-proofing product such as Retroseal Superseal or Retroseal Domestic will not only prevent vermin from entering your shed at the base of the walls but also help to prevent draughts and cold air from coming up under your wall sheets. The areas around your shed roller door are particularly susceptible to draughts, Cleverseal is a brush seal designed to efficiently prevent wind, rain, vermin and even embers (when using the flame retardant options) from entering your shed. 

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Insulation is a guaranteed way to improve the temperature and usability of your shed. If you plan to spend any prolonged periods of time inside your shed, insulation is a must have, especially in the colder winter months (and even the hotter summer months). TradeSelect has a range of insulating products designed specifically for sheds and steel buildings at an affordable price point, making the decision to insulate even easier, especially given that it can be installed after the shed has been built, negating the need to remove walls or roof sheets etc.

Allowing natural light and the ability to allow air inside on warmer days can be achieved by adding windows. Having a window or two on your shed will allow natural sunlight to warm the inside of your shed and will give you the ability to crack them open and allow some airflow on warmer days. This will also help to prevent condensation building up inside your shed causing mould growth. Shedblog stocks a massive range of windows designed and built to suit the tough Aussie conditions, with a multitude of options ranging from small toilet windows with clear float up to the massive 2m wide Tropical strength window with strong mullion and sills designed to suit the rough north end.

Adding vents will also help to achieve airflow and avoid condensation. Shedblog’s range of Corro and Trimdek vents are designed to be a colour-coded retrofit option, cut with the same profile as your wall sheets making them an easy fit and tidy solution to airflow issues.

By incorporating insulation, windows and some roller door seals, you can beat the winter blast and enjoy spending time inside your shed or steel building.