Champion Stable Systems: Give Your Horse a Great Home

Technology and innovation are the driving force behind Champion Stable Systems. We believe in building stables that are well crafted, durable, fairly priced and that create a safe environment for you and your horses.

We are able to design, manufacture and build any style of stable system you require. Whether you simply need a single stable or an entire stable complex, you will find that we can work with you in designing a custom solution specially designed for your needs.

Stable Partitions

Whether you only need one stable partition or a hundred, we prefabricate the partition walls off-site and then ship them to site by freight. This minimises construction time. The materials that make up stable partitions depend on your budget and preferences.

  • Formply. Making a great lining for an internal shed and barn walls, wash bays, tack rooms, feed rooms and tie up areas, it can also be applied as an infill option. Formply is essentially plywood overlaid on both sides with a resin-impregnated film that has been fused into the surface veneer under heat and pressure. The resulting surface proves to be resistant to moisture.
  • Hardwood. If you are into a more traditional and aesthetically pleasing look to your stable partitions. This product has a tongue and groove finish and requires annual maintenance in order to keep it looking nice and in good shape. You can either add a clear varnish or natural linseed oil to protect it and give it a great look.
  • Stable Board (HDPE). This looks similar to formply but is actually high-density polyethylene. It is very durable, resistant to bacteria and hard wearing. Though it can be used for any type of stable, these infills are highly recommended for medium to high-end equine facilities, including equine surgeries, quarantine facilities and isolation stalls.
  • RHS Bars. The top half of the stable partitions are constructed of Rectangular Hollow Section bars ( also called RHS bars).

There is no need to build a new structure in order to construct stable partitions. Our system of off site manufacturing and delivery allows stables partitions to be installed within the structure. This is referred to as a “fit-out.” Whether it be your old barn or a shed, Champion Stable Systems is able to work with you in designing.

The Champions Stable Systems gallery below shows the designs and mostly customised solutions tailored to customers’ requirements. These include anything from single stables to large facilities and equine stable complexes.

Two Types of Stable Doors to Choose From

Champion Stable Systems offers two types of stable doors: Sliding & Swinging

  • Sliding door with heavy-duty rollers and track, as well as slam latch.
  • Split swing door with four adjustable hinges and two respective slam latches.
  • Full swing door with two adjustable hinges and one swing latch.
  • Kick over latches are included for both models of swinging stable doors.

The basic things to think about before asking for a quote

  • What is your budget?
  • How many stables do you require?
  • What size stable boxes might you need?
  • Do you have an infill material preference?
  • Do you want sliding or swinging doors?
  • What are your feeding requirements?
  • Do you have a mud map or rough design?
  • Do you have a timeline?

Any questions? 
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