If you are building a new shed or home, renovating or extending  an existing shed then it is likely that you will require some gutters, barges corner flashings and ridge cap. We have great prices on Colorbond and Zincalume flashing, trim and rain water goods from Lysaght® all manufactured from Bluescope Steel. You can choose to have your gear delivered or you can collect it from your nearest Lysaght outlet.

Gutters : Guttering on sheds is usually required to collect rain and dew off your roof and divert it to your downpipes and into the storm water system. Suburban sheds of all types should have gutters fitted and be plumbed to storm water to meet council requirements.

Barge Capping : Barges, Barge cap etc are the typically right angled flashings installed at each end wall of a shed where the end wall sheets meet the roof sheeting and a water proof capping is required to seal the shed. They are available in different designs to suit different needs and tastes.

Ridge Cap : Ridge capping flashes over the two planes of your roof sheeting, usually in the middle of the roof and give you a water proof seal. Ridge capping is generally available in two types, standard (3 fold) and Roll Top. It also varies in width and design to suit differing roof profiles and climatic conditions. It can also be designed to be breathable and be ventilated.

Corner Flashing : Corner flashings or capping are used where you need to cover the gap in the sheeting that occurs at corners of buildings. Most sheds or homes wall cladding stops and restarts at the corners giving rise to the need to cap, flash or cover the join or gap for weather proofing and for aesthetics.

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