Ridgeseal is a great product for sealing your shed or house’s ridge cap against ember attack, vermin, wind and rain. Ridgeseal Shadowline is a great addition to the ridge seal family. Shadowline is great to use when you have a roof colour that has been discontinued or roofing that has faded over time as Shadowline sits in under the lip of your ridge capping in the shadow almost unseen yet quietly doing its job of keeping out the nasties from your roof space.

ridgeseal shadowline buy campbell shed products vermin seal ember sealThis ridge cap is sealed off with shadowline, its almost impossible to see but it’s there. For more information and pricing click here.

ridgeseal shadowline seal flashing shed house  ridge cap campbell productsHere in this picture you can see it a little.

Shadowline Ridgeseal is also great for when you do not know the colour of your roof, when you have a roof that is old or when you have a Zincalume roof. Check ou how good it looks.

ridgeseal shadowline retrofit on older roof buy campbell shed product

Ridge seal Shadowline can be used to help you meet BAL Bushfire attack level requirements under Australian Standard 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas 2009 (AS3959). The products that we have like Ridgeseal Shadowline, when installed correctly, seal gaps down to well less than the 3mm maximum required as an ember guard from ember attack. Infact they seal gaps down to in many cases to 1mm or less.

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