Pioneer water tanks provide a safe and secure water storage solution for your shed, house or steel building.

pioneer water tank

Did you know, The average person uses 30,000 litres of water per year? Thats a fair amount of water to store without the right tank!

Pioneer water tanks will enable your house, shed or steel building to collect rainwater for use in any application, with tanks ranging from 12,000 litres up to 500,000 litres.

  • Rainwater Harvesting

Pioneer Water Tanks are perfect for storing water from your shed, house, or steel building’s roof. Larger tanks ensure you have capacity to collect during big rain events and store for the dry times. 

  • Modern neat and stylish

Pioneer’s design is modern, neat and strong to ensure ongoing water security for your household and comes in many different colours. See the full range of colours here

  • Large or small tanks

Pioneer tanks are ideal if you are totally off the grid or just want to supplement your supply for households or gardens. Drought-proof your property and become self-sufficient with  Pioneer water tanks. See the full range of sizes here and see how much water you could store.

  • One big tank will do

Why buy multiple poly tanks when one big tank will do? Pioneer’s larger tanks are more cost-effective, look better and will last longer than multiple poly tanks. Get a customized quote here.

Calculate Your Potential Water Supply

Use the handy calculator below to see how much water you could harvest per year!

Roof Area m2 :

Annual Rainfall mm :

Potential Annual Water Catchment Litres:

pioneer water tank in the backyard

Pioneer water tanks are constructed from Australian made non combustible Bluescope® steel. For more information on Pioneer water tanks and bushfires, See our Pioneer tanks bushfire blog post

All Pioneer water tanks come with an Anti-microbial tank liner, The Aqualiner FRESH® installed as part of the manufacturing process keeping your stored water fresher and safer for longer.


The benefits of Aqualiner FRESH® included:

  • Fresher, cleaner, healthier water for your family – Exclusive to Pioneer
  • Greatly reduced bacterial contamination
  • With the incorporation of Sanitized® antimicrobial technology into a tank liner, the hi-tech Aqualiner FRESH® water tank liner offers advanced protection from the colonisation and reproduction of algae, bacteria, and moulds.
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial technology adds an additional layer of defence in the fight against microbes to maintain water quality.

To take a closer look, and read more about the Aqualiner FRESH® take a look at this article.

5 differences of water tanks

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