Vermin and Ember proof your shed or home against a whole range of rodents,
creepy crawlies and slithering menaces.

Vermin Seals also helps weather proof your factory, shed or house against the rain splashing back up under your sheeting and onto the  floor of your shed.

New HIP & VALLEY Seals available – See our range of STEEL flashing profiles for protection against flames, sparks and embers.
These seals and many of our others will help you meet BAL ratings required to live in bushfire prone areas by reducing gaps to less than 3 mm.
These are suitable for houses, sheds, garages, commercial and industrial buildings. Hip & Valley Seals

Another advantage of vermin proofing your shed correctly is that it also isolates your cladding from the chemicals in concrete that have the potential to cause premature corrosion of your cladding.

There are several different varieties of Vermin Proofing we recommend for your shed or home depending on your needs.

Retroseal Domestic

Retroseal Domestic– For use in new and existing sheds and shed homes.

Retroseal SuperSeal – For new and existing sheds and shed homes.

Vermaseal – For use only during new shed installations.

Vermaseal STEEL – For the toughest perimeter protection.

Vermaseal Z STEEL and PVC – For bushfire impacted BAL zones.

Retroseal Rural – Steel vermin seal mouse and rat proofing.

Retroseal Roofseal – Seal your sheds eave with steel.

Retroseal Ridgeseal – Seal your ridge cap with steel.

Ventilated Ridgeseal – Seal your ridge cap while maintaining ventilation.

Retroseal Ridgeseal Shadowline – Seal your ridge cap – version 2.

Retroseal Houseseal – Seal your homes eaves and under verandas.

Hip, Valley, Ridge Seal – Seal your houses hips and valleys

Retroseal Eaveseal – Seal the profiles of Long span sheeting.

Ventilated Eaveseal – Seal your eaves while keeping it ventilated.

Corro Corners – Seal the corner and edges of horizintal corro or custom orb.

Skillion Roof or Apron Seal – Flashing for where a roof meets a wall.

Gable End Wall Seal BAL Flashing – For the tops of wall sheeting.

Handyseal – A PVC seal for corrugated or custom orb.

Combination Seal – A versatile mix of product to do your retrofit vermin or ember seal.

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No other known product has the combined benefits of Retroseal Products!

Some of the benefits of Retroseal domestic and Vermaseal can be…

  • Retroseal can be fitted on existing buildings
  • Vermaseal can be fitted to new buildings at point of construction
  • Acts as weather-proof flashing and keeps snakes and vermin out.
  • Prevents corrosion of wall sheet from contact with concrete.
  • Maintains a drip free edge to wall sheet.
  • Floor fin gives necessary clearance and adjusts to slab variations.
  • Retroseal self adjusts to suit sheet mismatch (see notes).
  • Retroseal is made to suit a variety of sheet manufacturers profiles.
  • Retroseal is made in sheet widths to help control creep and shrink (see notes).
  • Retroseal suits stand up wall construction.
  • Stops rain splashing through profile and wetting inside of shed.
  • Prevents grass growing through profiles.
  • Fits all makes of garages and sheds.

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  • UV protected, impact resistant, fire retardant, will not rot or rust.
  • Controls wind and dust penetration.
  • Easily installed.
  • Cheaper than problematic hand made metal flashing’s without the corrosion problems.
  • Internal skirting allows easy sweep-out.
  • Fingerlip conforms to concrete slab.
  • Can be used in the housing industry.
  • Can be used in a variety of sealing jobs.

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Retroseal domestic doing its job

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