Steel Emberseal and Vermaseal all in one! Banish Vermin & Embers.

steel vermin seal vermaseal ember seal BAL flashing

Example of what Shale Grey Steel Vermseal looks like installed

paypal horizontal_solution_PP_smlSteel Vermaseal is a fabulous new flashing that is installed during construction of your steel building or shed. Can be used with horizontal corrugated or other horiziontal claddings as well as your regular vertical wall claddings. A piece of Steel Vermaseal is 2.4m long

Protect your families posessions from Bushfire and Vermin…

Steel Vermaseal is a great ember barrierto help your home or shed meet BAL level standards by reducing the gaps in your cladding at the base of the walls to well within theĀ  3 mm required in the latest Bushfire standard AS 3959-2009

Steel Vermin seal vermaseal ember seal emberseal

Note : The included isolating strip between concrete and flashing.

Steel Vermaseal will also stop Rats, Mice, Snakes, Frogs, Lizards and other vermin from entering the shed through the profiles at the foot of your wall sheeting and assist in protecting your stored goods from infestation.

Businesses, protect your assets from Vermin and Bushfires…

Steel Vermaseal comes with a anti corrosion barrier that sits between your concrete slab and the vermaseal flashing preventing your steel from contacting the cement which help prevent corrosive effects of concrete and moisture from prematurely corroding your steel. The anti corrosion barrier is Fire & UV resistant PVC that is self extinguishing.

vermin seal steel vermseal emberseal shed shed seal bal flashing

This multi purpose flashing will help keep embers out of your shed

Steel Vermaseal is easy to use and suits all types of sheds and garages regardless of the profile of the wall sheet or cladding. Each piece is 2.4m long and easily trimmed to required lengths. Available in shale grey or zincalume.

Steel Vermaseal and BAL Bush Fire Attack Level flashings : Steel Vermaseal helps you achieve your required barrier against embers and sparks by closing the entry point at the base of wall profiles in sheds and homes, garages and houses. Look in our products shop for other flashings that will will seal off the eaves, ridge cap, roof sheeting and corners of homes and sheds to help meet the latest Bushfire standard AS 3959-2009.

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