LYSAGHT COLORBOND ® & ZINCALUME ® Steel wall cladding for Steel Sheds, Houses, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Projects. Manufactured from BlueScope Steel. Click links below to visit the product pages and for pricing. Shop online with Shedblogs ‘Shed Products Direct’.

Lysaght Custom Orb corrugated profile sheeting buy online best price sheds garagesCustom Orb – Corro – Corrugate – great original corro profile cladding that is often used on shed walls. Also growing popular as a house cladding and is sometimes run horizontally on homes and sheds. Click for Pricing.

trimwall trimdek colorbond zincalume cladding sheeting iron sheds garages homesTrimwall / Trimdek – Trimwall is essentially the same as trimdek only marginally thinner as it is used on the walls of sheds rather than the roof. Same cover at 762mm and rib height at 29mm. Click for Pricing

multiclad low profile cladding colorbond zincalume shed wallsMulticlad Wall cladding – Is a very neat tidy looking low profile trapezoidal rib sheeting mostly used on the walls of sheds & garages. Available in Colorbond and Zincalume, 840 mm cover. Click for Pricing.

spandek roof wall sheeting cladding colorbond shed garage homeSPANDEK – Lysaght Spandek is a contemporary looking trapezoidal profile which is ideal where a stronger, bolder, more modern corrugated appearance is required. For steel buildings, walls or roofs, domestic or commercial. Click for Pricing

mini orb lysaght colorbond mini orb wall sheeting claddingLysaght Mini Orb – is a reduced height corrugated sheet with 820mm cover and a 6mm profile. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications, vertical or  horizontal, straight or curved. Click for Pricing

buy panelrib lysaght colorbond wall sheet cladding sheeting Panelrib – is a lightly fluted wall cladding or ceiling for exterior or interior use. On straight or curved surfaces. 850mm cover with 4mm shallow profile. Available here in Colorbond or Zincalume with 0.42 bmt. Click for Pricing.

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We have a range of products that suit vermin proofing, ember seals, bushfire protection, bushfire seals, and for repairing your shed, renovating your shed, building a shed and buying a shed, shed parts, shed windows, shed doors and shed brackets.