Water Leaking under your doors? Door Dam provides a tight, long-lasting barrier to prevent water from pooling inside your shed. The ground-breaking design of Door Dam is made of hard-wearing aluminium with the additional protection of two bottom PVC cup seals that compress against the floor to provide an immediate tight seal to stop water from soaking into your shed from underneath your roller door.

The superior quality of Door Dam will ensure that it will last through the years and withstand heavy leakage.

Door Dam can be used in multiple spaces and configurations. For instance, it can be used as a wall-to-wall seal across the front roller door for sheds with a large door and very little side room. For larger sheds with more space or multiple doors, it can be configured into a U-shaped catchment creating a miniature dam.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Door Dam has been successfully installed in thousands of sheds, garages, homes and factories throughout Australia. Suitable for industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and sheds small and large.

Stop water that is leaking under your door. When you buy Door Dam for your steel shed, garage, home or industrial building, you are purchasing high-quality products you can count on.

Door Dam is now even stronger for commercial use, being able to withstand the weight of a 25-tonne vehicle. Straight lengths come in two sizes of 2250mm and 3100mm to make up various kit sizes. Available in black or silver.

door dam with measurements

Please note

  • Catchment Corners are available in black ONLY.
  • Catchment Corners measure 88mm square and 19mm high.

How to for Door Dam

Please see the “How to measure door dam” page for information on ‘how to measure door dam’ to suit your steel building.

Please see the “How to install door dam” page for information on ‘how to install door dam’ and the tools you may need.

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