We’ve recently teamed up with Wide Span Sheds to bring you the biggest collection of rural sheds in Australia. If you work in the agriculture, farming, or industrial industry we have various modern steel structures to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, or the building size you’re looking for.

In a minute, we’re going to look into more detail about why you won’t want to purchase your farm sheds anywhere else. First, let’s discuss the extensive range of Australian made options available to you at this moment in time:

  • Open Gable End Sheds / Dairy Sheds / Rural Sheds
  • Open Front Farm Sheds / Machinery Sheds / Barns
  • Workshop Sheds / Hay Sheds / Storage Sheds
  • Shearing Sheds / Skillion Roof Sheds / Farm Sheds

Styles, Sizes, and Colours Available to You

As you can see from the list there are a dozen styles you’ll be able to choose from today, but you can customise them even more should you see fit. For example, you’ll be able to pick a specific size and Wide Span Sheds will deliver it straight to your farm gate.

Everyone knows the colour of your shed will make a big difference because you’ll need to look at it every day. The Colorbond BlueScope steel comes in over 20 different colours, so it will be simple to find one that will blend in or stand out and look fantastic on your land.

The Strength of Each Shed Is Very Impressive

BlueScope steel is the best you’ll find in Australia if you want to build a rural shed/building. The high tensile steel sits at a minimum of 450MPa, plus the warranty will last well over a decade. The structures are more impressive than the steel itself.

The way in which they’re designed sets them apart from everything else on the market too. The strengthening reinforcement methods have been tweaked to make them absolutely solid. You’ll find things like haunch brackets, foot fixings, purlins + girts, plus an Apex System all playing their part.

It Gets Pretty Rough out in Rural Areas

We sell a lot of Wide Span Sheds to customers in areas close to big towns, but a lot of orders come in from rural areas in the middle of nowhere. In some of those places, the conditions can get rough, but the sheds will be able to tackle all the elements with ease.

Winds reaching over 300 kilometres per hour aren’t strong enough to make them shake. The roofs can handle enormous amounts of snow, especially if they’re not flat. Your rural shed will even stay upright if Mother Nature decides to shake the ground.

A Few Massive Features You’ll Really Appreciate

Due to the fact you’ll be working in your rural sheds, there are certain features we know you’ll like. They’ll help make your job a lot easier. Here is a quick list of the most important ones:

  • Heights up to 9.5 metres
  • Clear spans up to 30 metres
  • Lengths in excess of 200 metres
  • Skillion and gable roofs
  • Bay openings up to 12 metres
  • Site-specific engineering

You Can Take Customisation to the Next Level

Our Wide Span Sheds expert will work tirelessly with you to design the perfect farming shed/building. I’m sure you can already see the options you have to work with, but there are even more optional extras you’ll get to include in the finished structure. We’re going to run through a handful of these special extras:

  • Personal Access Doors, Motorised Roller Doors, Steel Sliding Doors, Colorbond Steel Roof Sheeting, Horizontal Corrodek Wall Cladding, Skylights, Partition Walls, and many more.

By the time you’re finished your high-quality steel building will be perfect for your individual needs.

Reach Out to Discuss Your Options Today

If you want to discuss your options you should request contact today by filling out our quote request form for a Wide Span Shed today. The customer service team is excellent and they’ve helped thousands of customers over the years.

You’ll be offered a quote that will include everything in detail. If you’re happy with it you can sit back while Wide Span Sheds does all the work for you. You can admire the BlueScope steel building being constructed before your eyes.

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