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How much does a mezzanine floor cost? Well… “how long is a piece of string?” A mezzanine floor’s price varies widely on design, load requirements, stairs or rails, engineering and its complexity.

We have put together a list of Mezzanine Floor Designs and through our mezzanine floor manufacturing partners and the ShedBlog we can provide you with a guide of what you can expect to pay for a mezzanine floor of the type listed below, if you were to buy a kit through ShedBlog.

The list below contains example mezzanine floors with their sizes, inclusions and accessories such as stairs, safety and hand rails and what you might expect to pay if delivery is available to you on a standard run from the manufacturer’s supply chain.

Click the appropriate link below to see details about, a guide to, and the cost of the mezzanine floor while noting the date of the quote as some older quotes will need adjusting up to allow for more recent price increases of delivery costs. Note the design number and click the button to get a quote of your own.



Small Domestic

Large Domestic

Prices quoted in our price guide may well be out of date. Request a quote for your own up to date figures.

Our mezzanine floors are provided in kit form and include engineering certificate and detailed drawings to assist with the construction of your kit.

In standard form they come with brackets to hold them down to a concrete footing. Other footing options available.

More complex designs can be catered for eg. stairs inside floor envelope, however they do take longer to quote and cost more for drafting and engineering.

Lead time on a Mezzanine floor kit is approx. 5-7 weeks once manufacture orders have been placed.

Deliveries – Floor kits are delivered in 2-3 separate deliveries. Some floors may require unloading equipment on site, eg tractor, forklift or delivery to a suitable depot.