Cobra roller door seal is a replacement product for the bottom of your shed or steel building roller door.

The factory bottom weather seal on roller doors was never designed to be long-lasting and 9/10 times ends up becoming brittle, cracking, falling out and just generally becoming useless.

Cobra roller door seal was designed to replace the factory weather seal with a two-stage system. It has both a bristle brush seal AND a Santoprene weather strip attached to keep out vermin, dust, dirt, leaves and rain.

Cobra seal will also close the gaps on uneven ground surfaces to create a flush close of your shed or steel building’s roller door.



Cobra door seal is available in a variety of lengths to suit your roller door.

Cleverseal Cobra seals arrive as a complete package with everything you need including the aluminium carrier, bristle brush and Santoprene flexiblade, fixings and PVC cover strip provided to conceal fixings, so you are ready to install in no time!

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, the Cobra seal door sealing system is already successfully installed on thousands of steel sheds, garages, homes and industrial buildings throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The aluminium carrier is ideal in coastal areas as it is anodised to reduce corrosion.

If exposed to extreme salt spray the aluminium may start to oxidise. You will need to wash with warm soapy water every 1-3 months depending on exposure.

Available in two different models, M and L depending on the size of the gap below your roller door, Cobra seal is cleverly designed to enable quick, efficient installation to close those tapering floor gaps.

Please see the “How to install Cobra seal” page for information on how to install Cobra seal and the tools you may need.



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