shed lighting solutions

Steel sheds have a variety of useful purposes and applications for homeowners. They’re an excellent way to create flexible spaces that suit specific functional needs. From extra storage to workshops, there’s practically no limit to their utility. There’s one thing that they can’t do without though, and that is appropriate lighting.

The problem is that the very flexibility of steel sheds makes finding appropriate lighting solutions a challenging task. Depending on the size, shape, and intended purpose of your shed, you need to determine which lighting solution will help to create an environment that is just right for it. The good news is that we’ve just added a whole range of LED shed lighting options from Haneco Lighting that are a perfect fit for any shed, no matter how it is used.

Haneco Pricing:
TRIPROOF – LED Batten Fluros
SKYPAD – LED Highbays
VEGA – LED Flood Lights
SUPERNOVA – LED Very Bright Highbay

The Haneco Difference

We’ve chosen these new lights because of Haneco’s reputation for quality products, which are backed by a five-year domestic warranty. They’re an Australia-based company that knows exactly what it takes to create LED lighting products that will provide years of trouble-free service. All of the fixture options are energy efficient and built to outlast the competition. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right model for you.

The Height of Lighting

The height of the ceiling in your shed plays a big role in determining the type of light you’ll need. If your shed has a ceiling height of 6 metres or higher, you’ll need a high-bay model. The SKYPAD line of fixtures offers the perfect solution for large, open spaces. Available in a variety of wattages, they’re made from die-cast aluminium that will stand the test of time. They’re also dimmable, making them perfect for applications where needed light levels change.

For smaller sheds, with ceiling heights of 5 metres or less, the SKYCUBE product family has you covered. Built with a form-factor that’s similar to conventional fluorescent fixtures, they are perfect for shed configurations like office and storage spaces. Boasting a 50,000+ hour service life, they’re sure to provide you with just the right amount of light for your smaller space, no matter how you intend to use it.

Toughness Counts

Haneco TRIPROOF inside view

If your shed is set up as a workshop, you’re going to need lighting that can take a beating. In that case, the TRIPROOF line is for you. They’re built tough, with stainless steel tamper-proof clips and a vandal-proof design. These features will keep the fixture safe under any conditions so you can tackle welding, woodworking, or any other tasks you need to get done. They’re also weather resistant so you can use them for exterior shed lighting as well.

Safety First

No matter how you plan to use your shed, it won’t matter if there are no lights to guide you to it. To that end, we’re carrying the VEGA flood lighting fixtures to light up the night. They’re an ultra-bright LED solution that provides directional lighting for the exterior of your shed. You can use them to enhance security, or even to provide you with a brightly lit path to your shed all through the night or in bad weather.

Bright as the Midday Sun

Some shed applications, particularly in larger sheds, demand high-intensity lighting solutions. It could be that you’re planning intricate or detailed work, or that the layout of your space is prone to shadow. When you need more light than the other models can provide, turn to the SUPERNOVA. As the name implies, it’s a fixture that has the power to make the sun jealous. Available in models that produce up to 16,800 Lumens, it’s a compact package with an unbeatable light output. The SUPERNOVA guarantees that you’ll never be in the dark again.

The Only Solution You’ll Ever Need

With the introduction of these quality LED fixtures from Haneco, we’ve made sure that you’ll find exactly the lighting your shed needs, no matter how you’re using it. By choosing the right combination of fixtures, you’re going to be able to make your shed the perfect place for any use you may have in store for it. They’re the perfect way to get the most from what is likely your most useful space and make your shed a place you won’t be able to wait to go to.