Back in 2011 we wrote about the prevention of water entering your shed here. It has never been more pertinent than today with all the foul weather we’ve been experiencing in Australia lately.

While using Vermaseal, Retroseal Domestic and Superseal to prevent vermin entering your shed, did you know that they will also provide a level of waterproofing to your shed.

When we have a heavy downpour of rain like all of Australia has been having lately, it hits the ground with such force that it often splashes back up the corrugations of your wall sheeting, allowing water to enter your shed.

If you are planning to line the inside of your shed, this is extremely important to prevent as water ingress can cause damage to your internal wall linings, encourage mould growth and cause early corrosion to commence inside your walls, causing expensive repairs.

By using products like Retroseal and Vermaseal sooner rather than later you are adding to the longevity of your building and its contents, not only keeping the critters out but also mould, mildew and corrosion.

shed seals

Vermaseal is installed during the construction of your shed and is by far the best seal against rain splashing back up between the wall sheets and the slab.

The retroseal products are for when your shed is already built and you need to seal it.


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