LED lighting for workshop sheds

Over the past years, a noticeable shift began to occur from traditional lighting to LED lighting, thanks to its numerous benefits. This type of lighting has already gained considerable ground in Australia and is now more and more prevalent in workshops and backyard sheds. You’ve probably aware of the hype around LED lighting but are not sure what the reasons are to back this up. This is why we are going to elaborate on these benefits and how LED lighting is an ideal option for your shed, as well as suggest you some of the best solutions on the market:

1. Designed for the long haul

Compared to traditional incandescent and even fluorescent lighting solutions, LED bulbs are designed to last anywhere from 20,000 to a staggering 50,0000 hours. Take for example the LED lights offered by Haneco Lighting, a leading Australian lighting manufacturer – most of them are guaranteed to give you at least 50,000 hours of bright light under normal conditions. What is more, you benefit from a 5-year warranty which allows you to focus on other more important things that need to be done around your shed, instead of replacing overused light bulbs every year or so.

2. Illuminating every dark corner

You’ve probably often felt the frustration of only seeing things that are on the top shelf, while all other ones are drenched in darkness. However, by choosing products like Haneco’s Skycube LED Lowbay or the Skypad powerful LED highbay – depending on the size of your shed, you can get the illumination you need when reaching for your tools. For example, the Skypad has a diffuser that diffuses the light beam to 100°, allowing you to benefit from a generous flow of light.

3. Very effective at saving money

affordable tool shed lighting

This is perhaps the one reason that makes LED lighting increasingly popular. Take the Skypad, for example – it was built with smart technologies that allow you to control the amount of energy you spend, as suited to your needs. This LED highbay comes both with a 1-10V dimming option, as well as a DALI dimming option. Some models also come with the Intellisensor feature, which recognizes when a room is vacant and automatically dims the light.

4. An affordable solution

Some years ago, before LED lighting gained so much ground on the market, prices were soaring and made this option a solution only for the privileged few. However, prices have now started dropping, being only slightly costlier than traditional bulbs. Considering the amount of money you will be saving in the long run, paying the extra dollars initially will simply be water under the bridge.

5. Non-toxic and suitable for all work environments

Now, this is a breakthrough in lighting technology, as LED lighting is completely environmentally friendly – no mercury, no toxicity. This is a huge step forward, as traditional light bulbs were filled with harmful chemicals that, once disposed of, would spread toxicity all around the wasteland they’ve been taken to. Since LED lights do not pose such threats, you will be spared the time and energy to recycle in a compliant manner.

Regardless if you have a man cave of your own, a garage or a backyard workshop, having adequate lighting is essential to productivity and even well-being. Consider switching to LED lighting not only so save substantial amounts of money, but also to be worry-free for years to come, while also protecting the environment you live in. Fortunately, we live a time when LED lighting is more affordable than it’s ever been, so now’s the time to make that upgrade you were thinking of.