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Are you looking to buy a brand new shed or garage? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In partnership with Wide Span Sheds, we’ll offer you the biggest selection you’ll find in Australia, plus you will never be able to beat the quality.

First of all, you’ll need to decide if you want a (small) shed or (large) garage. If you’ve made your decision we’ll run through a list of options we have available right now.

Please Note: They can come in any shape, style, and height you want. You’ll essentially get to design it yourself.

double lock it up large shed


  • Aviary
  • Compact
  • Cyclonic
  • Flat
  • Gable
  • Skillion
  • Truss
  • Aussie & American Barns


  • Single Garages
  • Double Garages
  • Triple Garages

Skillion Roof Garages

Wide Span Sheds skillion garaport

It’s easy to run through a list of names, but it’s these photos that will blow you away. Can you imagine seeing one of these in your backyard?

If you knew what went into their construction (Apex System, Haunch Bracket, Purlins + Girts, Footing Fixings, Bracing, etc) you’d be extremely impressed with Wide Span Sheds.

The Quality of the Materials Involved

It doesn’t matter which custom design shed or garage you decide to purchase. Every building will be comprised of Australian BlueScope steel. The high tensile steel is a minimum of 450MPa, and it’s the best you’ll find in the country. It comes with a lifetime warranty and will never falter under the harshest of conditions.

A Huge Range of Colours Available

When you buy a shed or garage it’s not just the size and style you’ll be bothered about. They’ll go a long way to making the structure look nice, but a gorgeous colour is absolutely essential. The Zincalume and Colorbond steel has over 20 colours you can look into. It will almost feel like you’re choosing paint for your walls.

Wide Span Sheds request a quote

Engineering Meets Strict Australian Standards

When designing your sheds or garages Wide Span Sheds will take local weather conditions into account, which will be different depending on where you live. Some designs are built for Cyclone regions to withstand winds up to 316 kilometres per hour. Others will be able to handle lots of heavy snowfall whilst the rest are simply designed for your sheltered backyard

Our Wide Span Shed structures are ShedSafe, which is a new industry benchmark for steel sheds. It’s handed out by an independent accreditation program and guarantees your building is the best fit for your site and circumstances.

You’ll be overloaded with other guarantees too. Wide Span Sheds only use the best BlueScope steel, site-specific engineering, and if there are any problems when supplying your kit (missing/damaged) it will be taken care of immediately.

You Can Choose from Lots of Extras

Wide Span Sheds handyman's workshop

What you see isn’t necessarily what you get. Once you’ve ordered a shed or garage there are plenty of extras you can include too. I’m sure you’ll appreciate lots of them. Personal access doors, skylight sheeting, and ventilation only scratches the surface. Here is a quick list of other high-quality extras waiting for you:

  • Motorized Roller Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Horizontal Corrugated Sheeting
  • Extra Wide Openings
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Vermaseal Flashing

Every Shed and Garage is Built On-Site

Everything is manufactured throughout Australia, but once you’ve ordered they’ll be brought straight to your front door. You can then arrange your own builder or local shed erector to install the shed or do it yourself & save some money!

Reach out for a Quote Today

When you’re spending money on a building you’ll want to know what you are getting, which is why everything is included in your final quote. The quotes you receive will include:

  • Essential design criteria
  • Consideration of the use of building
  • Choice of colours
  • Building specifications

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