Stramit Gutters, Ridge and Barge Capping

Stramit Steel Gutters, Ridge, and Barge Capping for Steel Sheds, Houses, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Projects. Manufactured from BlueScope Steel. Click the links below to visit the product page and to see the pricing. You can shop online here and have the products delivered to your home or work site or pick them up from a Stramit Industries depot.


  • Extensive range – quality rainwater products.
  • Both COLORBOND® steel and Zinc/Aluminium or Aluminium/Zinc/Magnesium coating finishes available
  • A comprehensive range of accessories is available. Ask the team if you don’t see it.
  • Comprehensive design data can be provided.
  • Installation and overflow provision information can be provided.
  • Hi-tensile fascias and gutters.


Stramit® rollformed rainwater products are designed for domestic and light commercial applications, with a comprehensive range of COLORBOND® steel colours to choose from. All products have a wide range of matching accessories.

Stramit® Fascia has a clean yet classic style ideal for all types of home. Stramit® Quad 125 Gutter is a traditional Queensland pattern for modest sized applications. Stramit® Quad 150 and 175 Gutters are traditional Queensland patterns for increasingly larger applications. Stramit Queenslander Quad® Gutter is a classical style gutter with recessed chevron slots for medium domestic and commercial
applications. Stramit® M Pattern Gutter has a larger drainage capacity and is ideal for larger homes and commercial applications.

Stramit® Half-round and Flatback Gutters have good stormwater capacity and are ideal for traditional and contemporary designed buildings.


Stramit® Rainwater Products are manufactured from G550 and G300 Zinc/Aluminium or Aluminium/ Zinc/Magneisum coated steel (AZ150/AM125) or galvanized (Z275) in accordance with AS1397, and COLORBOND® steel with a coating conforming to AS2728. Other coatings, grades and materials may be available, subject to enquiry.

suits stramit corrugated - ridge capping

Stramit Ridge CappingStramit® 3Ridge Capping is a popular simplistic ridge capping to top off any modern or contemporary roof with style. 

stramit barge capping

Stramit Barge CappingStramit® M Pattern Barge Capping (also known as Fascia Capping) perfectly compliments the Stramit® M Pattern Gutter creating a continuous aesthetic appearance to your roof line. 

stramit gutter

Stramit Gutter – Stramit® M Pattern Gutters (also known as FasciaGutters) perfectly compliments the Stramit® M Pattern Barges creating a continuous aesthetic appearance to your roof line. 

fascia cutter accessories

Stramit Gutter Accessories – Gutter accessories has a generous rainwater carrying capacity and comes with a choice of all the components needed for a perfect finish. Available in Zincalume Guttering or Colorbond. 


Most of Stramit’s building products are made from Bluescope Steel. We also use specialty materials that are not produced in Australia like ZAM® from Japan, and MagnaFlow® from New Zealand to make our structural or roofing products even more durable. All of our products come with material warranties.

Yes, you can, but water should not drain from the COLORBOND® material to the galvanised material. However, it is okay for water to drain from the galvanised material to the COLORBOND® material.

This depends on your location. In Queensland all ridge and hip flashings are scribed – or cut by the installers, onsite – to suit the cladding they sit on as this gives maximum protection from the rain. In other states, the capping often (but not always) simply sits on the top of the corrugated cladding. You can buy Retroseal Ridgeseal from ShedBlog to seal gaps in a ridge.

No, we don’t We specialise in the supply of products you need to improve your steel building – we recommend getting in touch with a local builder if you need help with installation. 

Yes, we do! That’s why we are here, so you can access Stramit products and build with them.

It’s good practice to clean your COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® roof and walling and do maintenance checks regularly as recommended by BlueScope Steel.

Upfront – either by Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or Paypal (Pay-in-4 may be available)
Any questions, contact us.

Please call Customer Service on 0456 729 904 or email

It depends on where you live and what you’ve ordered. Delivery costs are listed on our Product pages and pertain to the standard quantities and lengths. Stramits standard delivery fee is $225 +gst.
There is no delivery charge to pick up your order at a Stramit outlet.

Most Stramit products are available in the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours. Other colours, including gloss finish, are stocked at some locations.

Shadow Grey.

It depends on the product you order and where you’re ordering from. In general, roofing and rainwater products have a 3-5 working day lead time once an order is scheduled. Structural products, such as purlins, can have up to a 7-10-day lead time. If you’re ordering outside a metropolitan area, you’ll also need to factor in delivery time on some products. Please contact us if delivery times are of concern

We supply all over Australia.
Our office is in Toowoomba, Queensland.
Our teams are based remotely and don’t work from the office.
Stramit have outlets in every state and territory of Australia. Please refer to our list of locations to find one near you. You can collect Stramit orders you place with us, from those depots.

COLORBOND® Ultra or Stramit products coated with MagnaFlow® offer the best protection against corrosion

We have a number of profiles available on ShedBlog including Monoclad®, and Longspan®. Others by request.


We have a range of products that suit vermin proofing, ember seals, bushfire protection, bushfire seals, and for repairing your shed, renovating your shed, building a shed and buying a shed, shed parts, shed windows, shed doors and shed brackets.