Cleverseal Garage Door Seals can reduce airflow into your garage by up to 96% when installed correctly, keeping dust and wind out, saving on your energy bill and protecting your garage from insects, rodents, birds and snakes from entering through the gaps.

Cleverseal Top and Side weather seals comprise of hard-wearing aluminium carriers with a bristle brush, which comes as a complete kit for easy installation.


Cleverseal Roller fit to lintel seal is a perfect solution to keep out draughts, water and unwanted pests from your garage. Protect your roller door investment with our range of seals to fit any brand of door.

Designed to be installed to the underside of the lintel with the brush directed upwards on the rolling garage door, fit to lintel roller door seals are easy to install and provide a tight seal. We’ve got you covered for your home garage or your commercial premises.

Note – 60mm brush is the maximum that can be used with fit to door systems.


Quickly and easily installed onto the side wall tracks, Cleverseal roller door side seals are available in a variety of brush lengths for all roller door types. Cleverseal Garage door seals can reduce airflow into your garage by up to 96% when installed correctly, keeping hot winds and cold air out and offering protection for your valuables or commercial interest.

Note – If you require side seals for your roller door, you will need to inform us of the brand/make of the door to ensure you receive the correct aluminium carrier.


Benefits of Cleverseal Roller Door Seals

  • Keep your shed warmer in winter/cooler in summer
  • Reduces excess water, draughts, vermin and dust
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hard wearing aluminium and UV stabilised bristle brush
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia
  • 5 year warranty

How To Order –

When placing an order for Cleverseal products, please keep in mind the following points.

Top only – Comes with the top seal only, it does not include any seals for the sides of your door.

3 Side Pack – Comes with the top and side seals for a complete seal of your shed door.

Door Brand – By correctly selecting your door brand and model, we can supply the correct side seal to work around your tracks. There are generic options that will work, The brand-specific options just make for an easier install.

Series A doors have 25mm deep tracks and series AA doors have 50mm deep tracks.

Should I order Fit to door Or Fit to Lintel?

Fit to Door

Fitting to the door is the more aesthetically pleasing option i.e. it looks better!

The seal is fitted onto the door itself from the inside and the bristle brush nests within the door as the door opens, concealing it from view.

Fit to Lintel

Fitted up under the top of the doorway from the outside, this seal is exposed and has constant contact with the outside surface of the door during full open and closing cycles of the door.

Both options do the job, but it may depend on your gap size as to which option will work for your situation. Fit to lintel has brush sizes up to 100mm, and Fit to door has a maximum of 60mm brush sizes.

Brush Types – You can select either a dust and dirt brush, or a flame-retardant brush. All brush types will keep out dust, dirt, vermin and wind.

What’s in the box –

All 3 Side packs come with Brush Seal (Top – 50mm, Side – 30mm unless specified), Aluminium carrier, and fixings.

All Top only packs come with Brush Seal (50mm, unless specified), Aluminium carrier and fixings.

Shipping and Handling
$60 NATIONWIDE Freight

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