Have you the need to seal up the perimeter of you steel shed, garage or workshop from the entry of vermin or perhaps embers from bushfires? Then one option from a range of products we have available here is the new Vermaseal Z from Campbell Shed Products. This product has been released as based on feedback, research and experiments around packaging, distortion, shed designs and fixing of the vermin seal products. AT shedblog we are your premier supplier. We can supply the new Vermaseal Z in addition to standard Vermaseal, it’s your choice. Vermaseal Z is available in PVC or STEEL which is great for bushfire zones where ember protection is required. This new innovation to Vermaseal will, just like the original, help you keep the vermin at bay with mice, rats, snakes, frogs, lizards, birds & bats excluded for the bottom edge of your shed.

Feedback from installers is that they like to glue or pin Vermaseal in place with small nylon anchors to the slab and sitting the wall sheeting on the step ledge, then screwing sheets to purlins and the new Vermaseal Z makes this simple and easy. Block up those annoying gapes around the bottom of your new shed.

When it comes to shipping, the new profile lends itself to stacking into compact, cardboard cartons that are 2.4 metres long by 150mm x 120 mm, making 50.4 lineal metres per box.

The design includes longer fingerlip ’37mm’ for greater flexibility when in-board fixing to slab, as well as longer step ledge ’37mm’ for a greater variations such as wall sheeting that is deeper than Trimdek, Monoclad Custom Orb & Corro etc. The Vermaseal Z product helps you adapt with greater flexability to concrete slab variations as well. The set down for the Vermaseal Z is 30mm. Vermaseal Z is made in a new, more rigid formula which further minimize heat distortion and shrinkage, and is also available in Steel (steel version are supplied with a handy anti corrosion barrier strip).