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Safety is paramount in any construction project, especially when working on steel sheds. We suggest a comprehensive range of safety gear, including gloves, glasses, boots, and more, is needed to ensure the highest level of protection and comfort. Gloves should be designed to provide both dexterity and protection, allowing for precise handling while safeguarding against cuts and abrasions. The safety glasses, whether clear or tinted, should offer clear vision and are built to shield your eyes from debris, ensuring you can work with confidence. Durable boots that are not only tough against the elements but also come with slip-resistant soles and reinforced toe protection are crucial for maintaining footing and preventing injuries in a construction environment. Beyond these essentials, we offer a variety of safety gear tailored to the unique demands of steel shed construction, including hard hats, ear protection, and high-visibility clothing.

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To equip yourself with the necessary safety gear, click on the links provided to browse our selection on Amazon. You’ll find a range of products that combine safety with comfort, ensuring that you can focus on your work without compromising on protection. The safety gear is suitable for professional builders and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering reliability and peace of mind. Shop now and prioritize your safety with our top-quality safety equipment because when it comes to construction, nothing is more important than your well-being.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses

stop you from going blind, getting annoying scratches in the eye, and having rust spots appear in your vision. Upgrade to safety glasses and see the difference in both safety and clarity.

Ear protection

Ear protection

So you can still hear the wife after work. Get your ear protection now and enjoy the best of both worlds – a protected hearing and a happy home life!



a set of fine leather or material and rubber helps protect the hands from minor cuts and abrasions while still being able to use tools and hold screws. Get your gloves today for a perfect blend of protection and functionality!

Work Boots

Good boots (steel caps)

as much for turning your boot into a tool as they are to protect your feet. Get a comfy pair.

sunscreen & insect repellent

Sunscreen and Insect repellent

keep the bugs off and the sun under control. Don’t get it on your steel or cladding, though, as it can mark it and be hard to remove. Upgrade your protection – get your sunscreen and insect repellent for a more comfortable and worry-free workday!

Power Boards with Earth Leakage

Power board with earth leakage safety switch

because you are not always sure what you are plugging into for your power, it’s a must-have piece of safety equipment. Get yours here.

Tool Belts

Tool Belt

Having a good tool belt that has some handy bits and pieces in it, as well as the fasteners you may want for the stage of the job you are in, will make your life so much better. Keep a Texta, a pencil, various driver bits, screws, and a tape measure and hang your drill off it, and you are a real pro now, ready to conquer that shed.

safety harnesses

Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses for steel shed construction provide essential fall protection, ensuring the safety of workers by securing them at heights and preventing accidents during the construction process.

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