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Retroseal Domestic

Apart from helping to seal your shed against vermin, Vermaseal, Retroseal Domestic and Superseal go a long way towards helping your shed be more waterproof.

When we have a heavy downpour of rain it often hits the ground with such force that it can splash back up between your sheds wall sheeting and the concrete slab.

For those of you who are planning to line your shed this is especially important to prevent. The water spashing up can damage your internal wall linings, encourage mould or even allow premature corrosion to commence inside your walls.

By using products like Retroseal and Vermaseal sooner rather than later you are adding to the longevity of your building,  not only keeping the critters out but also splash back from heavy rain.

You can buy vermin seal products here!

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Vermaseal installed during the construction of your shed is by far the best seal against rain splashing back up between the wall sheets and the slab.

The retroseal products are for when your shed is already built and you need to seal it.