Subfloor Ventilation in Corrugated Colorbond Steel Cladding Homes

Introducing a new product “Corro Mount Vents”, a new system for adding some ventilation to your corrugated steel building. Especially handy for sub-floor situations. They are also great for under eave vents as well. Each vent comes with wire mesh to help you meet BAL levels if required. We make them for horizontal or vertical clad walls, just nominate when purchasing.



Poor ventilation increases the chance of termite attack, since subterranean termites prefer moist conditions to build their tunnels. 

Poor ventilation causing moist soil and humid air under a sub-floor can lead to many problems, including sub-floor timbers and flooring products absorbing the moisture, resulting in ruined boards and other damage as the wood fibres swell up.

Poor ventilation increases the likelihood of fungal decay in the timber, since fungal spores need a moisture content of at least 20% to thrive.

There are clear guidelines on the amount of ventilation you require depending on where you live in Australia. Essentially there are 3 zones and they all require a  different amount of ventilation.

corro vent on vertical wall

corro vent on vertical wall

inside the shed or house wall

inside the shed or house wall

You can buy our corrugated custom orb Colorbond wall vents online here and have them delivered to your home or business. Click here  to buy.

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