vermaseal STEEL ember and vermin flashing BAL proofingIntroducing new Vermaseal STEEL.

This is a great new solution from Campbells Shed Products for a BAL flashing on the perimeter of sheds and garages in bushfire prone regions. It is installed around the perimeter of the shed, sealing off the profile of the wall cladding so that flames and burning embers don’t blow up inside the building, when it is under ember attack.

As well as on sheds and garages Vermaseal STEEL can also be used at the perimeter of homes which are clad with vertical or horizontal Corrugate or Custom Orb cladding forming a tough steel seal against sparks, ember attack and flames. You could use it with fibre cement cladding and others as well.

Vermaseal STEEL BAL vermin and ember flashingThe new Vermaseal STEEL is also very effective against rats and mice as they cannot eat through it in time like other expanding and cell foam products on the market that purport to be a deterrent for vermin. It is also very effective against snakes, lizards, frogs and birds.

Vermaseal STEEL also cuts off that annoying splash back of heavy rain that often finds its way back up between the sheeting and the slab. Vermaseal STEEL comes with a 1mm PVC isolating barrier strip that helps prevent the chemicals in concrete from contacting steel…one of the biggest causes of premature corrosion there is in a shed. Vermaseal STEEL or Vermaseal PVC and its isolating strip will add to the longevity of your steel building.

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