Do you want to seal your eaves, the end of your roof sheets or up under the verandah against vermin and ember attack but also want to keep it ventilated? Keep the air flowing?
Look no further than our innovative new product called Eave Vent. It is corrugated in profile and manufactured from aluminium for Colorbond or Zincalume roofs or from Galvanised mesh for Gal roofs.

The size of the woven mesh means that this great product meets the requirements for BAL29 when installed correctly as the gaps will be reduced to less than 3mm, as are the holes in the mesh. If you are in a bushfire ember attack zone then this could help. It seals the pesky gaps created between your corrugated roof sheeting and the top plate, fascia or roof batten yet allows ventilation.
This roofing product helps keep all the usual vermin out of the shed or home like mice, rates, snakes, lizards, birds like sparrows and small and micro bats.
Check out our Ridge Vent product here for sealing while maintaining ventilation along your ridgecap.

How to Order – On the right, select the pack size required then indicated the type of roof material you have and the pitch the roof goes past the fixing point. Freight recovery added during check out is $25.00 Australia wide.

Eave Vent Seal Ventilation Eaveseal is an innovative new product. It can be used against vermin and ember attack. It suits a great variety of corrugated cladding like custom orb, corro, corodek, stratco cgi and all other 762mm cover standard corro.

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