Domestic Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors

When choosing a roller door from the Taurean®  Roller Door Collection you’re getting a door that’s strong, reliable and offers real value. A roller door with good looks and performance to boot! Every Taurean® door features a stylish curtain made from high quality Colorbond® steel in a wide range of contemporary colours, with a full range of sizes up to 3100mm high and 5400mm wide in the domestic  doors and bigger in a

Industrial range. So whether you have a single or a double car garage or a whole Warehouse, Taurean’s Roller Door range is ready to enhance your building.

Taurean® Doors are strong in history 

Taurean® Door Systems is part of the Fletcher Building Group and has grown from two great Australian companies, Stramit® and Creeks, so our customers can be reassured that the products they buy are backed by many years of proven performance. Today the key values that drive us forward are the same as they have always been; innovation, reliability, security and safety.


  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Smooth, quiet operation, Windlocking options
  • High quality spring system ensures peace of mind
  • Strong curtain due to roll forming process
  • Stylish appearance

wide domestic roller door Taurean doors

Hints & tips when buying a door

Order based on Curtain size which is the opening size plus the curtain that goes into the tracks. Allow 25mm each side for A series, 50mm each side for AA series and B series (industrial) Check guides for what to allow for Windlock doors.

Larger doors in the Industrial Range will be heavy and either require Planetary Gearing added or select a remote motor.

The size of your roller door curtain height should always be greater or equal to the opening height. The Curtain width should always be greater than the opening width. 


12 month warranty on steel cracking, lock seam failure of the door curtain and all other items of the door. Excluded from the warranty is salt corrosion or any damage to the door curtain because of any environmental conditions or issues.. For more details please refer to the Taurean® Door Systems website,


Nylon braided edging; the molded nylon drum wheels and the nylon bottom rail plug provide a beautifully smooth and quiet door during operation.


Features such as track stops that ensure the door remains in the tracks even with rough treatment, a smooth edged door handle on manual doors and no sharp edges anywhere on the door ensure the safety of your family.

Long Life

Of course the life of your door is all important so galvanised brackets, tracks and other components protect against corrosion. The springing system too is designed for more than 25,000 cycles which maximizes the performance of the door over its lifetime.

Weather Protection

Flexible sealing strip along the bottom rail prevents entry of dust and leaves.


Taurean® roller doors are often operated manually but if you prefer they can be automated to make opening and closing your door even easier. Large doors are heavy so we recommend motors or planetary gearing.

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