Wide Span Sheds skillion garaport

We’re finally able to offer our customers products they’ve been desperate for. By teaming up with Wide Span Sheds you’ll have access to the best carports and garages in Australia. The only difficult part will be looking through them and deciding which one to buy because there are so many fantastic options.

The biggest reason to purchase a BlueScope steel carport or garage is the high quality, but let’s get to that in a minute. First, we’re going to look at some of the fantastic steel structures you’ll be able to buy. I hope the photos are making you feel excited.

1. Carports

2. Carport with garage

3. Garage

Carports – The average person spends a lot of money on their car, so you want to do everything you can to protect them. The Wide Span Sheds will keep them safe from high winds, torrential rain, and blistering heat.

Your carport will look gorgeous thanks to the 20+ Colorbond steel colours available, plus the Zincalume roof cladding won’t let anything seep through. Skylight sheeting comes in extremely handy when you have a large carport, because you’ll get a lot more natural light.

There are 3 carport options you’ll get to choose from:

1. Gable roof carports

2. Flat roof carports

3. Terrain carports

Garage with carport – We’ll focus on garages in a minute, but you can actually buy a garaport. It’s basically a garage with a carport built onto the side of it. You might think they’re the greatest invention in the world, but to some people, they’ll be pointless. It depends what you want to do with your car.

Garages – We’ve actually spoken about garages before  (internal link), so now we’re only going to concentrate on the kind you can keep your cars in. If you want to lock up your car (motorcycle, jet ski, or boat) for the night BlueScope steel is the ideal choice. The contents of your garage will remain safe and sound.

Customising Your Very Own Carport or Garage

Wide Span Sheds offers a selection of products, but they also allow you the chance to customise your own based on your specific needs. An engineer will work tirelessly with you to come up with the right steel structure. For example, you might need a double garage or double carport.

Another big thing that sets Wide Span Sheds apart is all the extras you’ll be able to pick and choose from. The company will help you out, but you’ll ultimately decide what you need. Here are a few examples to mull over:

• Skillion Roofs, Industrial Strength Roller Doors, Multiple Sheeting Profiles, Extra Wide Openings, Window Openings, Colorbond Australian-made steel roof sheeting, BlueScope steel sliding doors, dividing walls, mezzanine floors, and so much more.

Wide Span Sheds Offers Lots of Guarantees

Even when you’re buying something like a steel carport or garage you want guarantees. Wide Span Sheds only uses high tensile BlueScope steel, which is a minimum of 450MPa. They will also replace any lost or damaged parts the moment you find out about them.

Site-specific engineering guarantees your steel structure will be designed to suit the land it will be sitting on. Engineers will come out to test the ground (including the surrounding areas), they’ll take land structures into account, plus they’ll find out if it will be able to handle the weather.

Lastly, Wide Span Sheds is SafeShed accredited. Their engineers have sat through lots of training and assessments. You have to satisfy other requirements to become accredited, but it’s the new gold standard in Australia and gives you peace of mind when you’re purchasing a steel building.

Get in Contact for a Quote Straight Away

If you want a carport or garage get in contact for an extremely detailed quote straight away. You will find everything on it. Wide Span Sheds want to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting and there are no hidden surprises.

You could always reach out to a member of the customer service team too. After helping thousands of customers over the years they’ll be able to answer any questions. There is nothing they won’t be able to find out for you.

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