What is shedsafe

ShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds. It is an third party accreditation program intended to assist buyers to be able to have confidence in the engineering, steel products  and site specification of the steel shed they are purchasing.

ShedSafe is managed by the Australian Steel Institute, Australia’s peak steel industry body. For more information about the Australian Steel Institute, visit http://steel.org.au today.


In 2006, following the devastation of the Cyclone Larry in North Queensland  Government Regulators and Building Certifiers called on the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) to facilitate design compliance  with the Building Code of Australia for steel sheds. Regulators also pointed out that shed failures where not limited to cyclonic areas and was an issue shed for in all regions of Australia.

The ASI responded to regulator requests for design compliance by publishing  the Steel Shed Design Guide for Portal Frames Sheds and Garages in 2008. The design guide provides guidance for engineers & designers in the correct application of design codes for steel sheds.

The design guide encourages efficient design of BCA compliant sheds that are able to withstand the weather conditions for which they are designed.

The ShedSafe accreditation program was initiated by the ASI Steel Shed Group as a way to demonstrate the design compliance of shed suppliers.

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2010 ASI website news release ;

New drive bolsters shed buyer certainty and public safety

The ASI has launched a new industry benchmark for steel sheds called ShedSafe for built assurance, especially in areas that experience extreme weather.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, all three cyclone regions in Australia are likely to experience a higher than average number of tropical cyclones. ShedSafe spokesman, Neil Creek said previous storm seasons had shown the importance of building steel sheds designed to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). “Assessing the damage from Cyclone Larry in 2006 revealed that most sheds that had catastrophic structural failures were not built to the standards set by the Code,” said Mr Creek. “Outdated engineering standards can be a problem whether you’re in a cyclone region or not.” After an event like Larry which caused damages in excess of $1.3 billion, the industry learnt more about the dynamics of storms and cyclones. ShedSafe is a clear commitment by participating shed manufacturers and resellers that their design standards are up with the BCA. It also guarantees that members have undergone ShedSafe training and submit to regular reviews of the manufacturer’s design principles and processes. “Whenever there’s a change in the Code, we’ll embark on a new round of reviews,” he said. “The ASI will also defend the integrity of the Brand by making sure it’s not used by non?compliant operators and not misused by any members,” said Mr Creek. The final use is also important. “A rural shed storing fodder has lesser design criteria than one housing the local CFA tankers, a hospital back?up generator or covering a playground. “Ultimately, ShedSafe is about community safety and buyer certainty,” said Mr Creek.

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Name: Neil Creek
Phone: +61 7 3853 5320
Email: neilc@steel.org.au

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