Corro Corners are designed to close off horizontal corrugated or custom orb profiles and deter the entry of embers or sparks from Bushfires which is a must-have in many rural areas these days. Corro Corners will, of course, deter the entry of vermin the same as all the other vermin seal products we also sell.

Corro Corners simply and easily give you a neat and professional finish to your home or shed.

Corro Corners are available in all Colorbond colours, Zincalume, and Gal, They come in sheet width (762mm) lengths plus a few mm’ to overlap, to assist with fitting. It also has an optional closed-cell foam infill strip for a total seal.

The diagram below shows the uses and required profiles.

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They travel by TOLL Road and their on-forwarders or occasionally with Australia Post.
Some locations may be deemed inaccessible by the freight network and will require collection from a regional depot.

As you can see, using a combination of the 4 flashings can ba applied to a wide variety of situations. Have a look at some of the different applications below to see it in action.

The closed Cell foam is an optional closed cell foam and comes in 915mm lengths, this is product profile code E.

You can also see profiles A, B and C in use on an inside and an outside corner.

Below is examples of profiles A & B used at the end of Corro sheeting where it is butting up to other building materials. The options are endless.

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