New to the Shedblog are two products meeting BAL29
while maintaining air-flow

New Ridge Vent product solves two problems

Ridge Vent shaped to match 762mm Corro 16mm deep

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The challenge with effective sealing of roof spaces in sheds and homes against vermin and embers from bushfires is multifaceted. There are not many products as effective as Ridgeseal, Hip and Valley Seal, Houseseal, Eaveseal and Roofseal, these are very popular and do a great job but up until now there was still a desire in some quarters to maintain a greater air-flow for ventilation… to allow for damp, condensation and humidity by not completely sealing gaps.

To help you seal your shed and house against ember attack from Bushfires, from vermin like mice, rats, snakes, bats and birds we’ve made available these innovative new products that allow your roof spaces to be simultaneously ventilated AND exclude embers and vermin.

Ridge Vent is installed just under the existing or new ridgecap, the corrugations in the mesh seal matches the corro roof profile and when installed it lessens gaps to less than 3mm. You can install it when building or retrofit it your roof is already in place. It is supplied in tough aluminium or galvanised wire designed to suit your roof type. Choose alloy or aluminium if you have a Colorbond or Zincalume roof and choose gal or galvanised if your roof is Gal. This takes care of any incompatability in metals and their corrosive affects.

Eave Vent is like a breathable Houseseal product. It is designed to match the roof corrugations and rise up into any gaps sealing them off from vermin and bushfire embers. It can be installed in many locations such as under eaves, behind gutters, on fascia boards, around verandahs, just about anywhere you might expect the see mice, birds and bats slipping into the roof space between barges, top plates, battens etc. It is best installed after or as the roof is done, it can also be retrofit. In some circumstances you may need to remove gutters.