Approximately sixty per cent of of water tanks tested by Charles Sturt University in a campaign to secure adequate safe domestic water for rural and regional Australia between 2016 and 2018 recorded a positive result for bacteria that indicate the presence of viral organisms that can make people sick. E. coli and salmonella were the two that were most commonly recorded.

There are multiple ways to avoid these harmful bacteria ranging from expensive filtration systems through to harsh chemical solutions.
Pioneer water tanks has created the perfect solution – The Aqualiner FRESH® with Sanitized® technology.

Read the information below to see why the Aqualiner is the superior option and get a quote on your new Aqualiner equipped Pioneer water tank today!

  • Fresh, clean, healthy water – Exclusive to Pioneer tanks
  • Bacterial contamination is not visible to the naked eye and high numbers of bacteria impair hygiene.
  • With the incorporation of Sanitized® antimicrobial technology into a tank liner, the hi-tech Aqualiner FRESH® water tank liner offers advanced protection from the colonisation and reproduction of algae, bacteria, and moulds.
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial technology adds an additional form of protection  in the fight to optimize water quality.

The Sanitized® antimicrobial technology is mixed into the batch of black polyethylene (PE) film used in the construction of the liner fabric.

The black PE film is one of the three multiple layers found in the liner fabric providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and leak resistance of Aqualiner FRESH®.

The treated black PE film is then laminated to the inside surface of the liner fabric – the side that is in direct contact with the tank water.


Without an antimicrobial tank liner, microbes, bacteria, and mildew can form on your liner.

Keeping your water tank free from microbes means cleaner, healthier, fresher water for longer with Aqualiner FRESH®


Aqualiner FRESH® is the only liner in Australia that IMPROVES on Australian standards. Pioneer met those standards some time ago, but took a leap forward to exceed them.

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