Finance steel sheds It’s not always possible to just walk in and hand over the cash for a new shed + slab + erecting and any other potential assosciated costs like power, council/certifying, a new driveway etc and so you may decide to borrow to do so.
Click here if you are after finance for a FARM SHED or BUILDING for an agricultural enterprise.

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Finance for Sheds, Garages & Carports

Some shed companies have their own help available to you like Ranbuilds BetterPay which if you qualify , can allow you to pay off the Shed Kit like a take home layby. You will still need to find the money to pay the concreter and erectors if you are not going to do that yourself as an owner builder.

Alternatively you may consider looking at one of the following options below to help finance the project.

  • Personal loan – Taking out a personal loan for a shed or the associated concrete and erecting work etc is not uncommon. For More Info Click Here
  • Take out a Renovations loan– This is pretty common and a new shed is often considered at the same time that renovations on other areas of the home are undertaken. People usually get a few quotes on what shed they want and submit that with their application for funds to renovate the bathroom , kitchen or both etc. For More Info Click Here.
  • Draw on you home loan– This is a very popular method to get the big shed that you want. This is usually achieved by redrawing on the equity you have created in your home loan. For More Info Click Here.
  • Refinance and use the equity – Once again a popular option. When considering drawing on equity many people also take the time to do a health check on their home loan and look at whether to switch lenders and get a better deal at the same time as building a shed. For More Info Click Here.
  • Equity loan – Create a seperate loan guaranteed against equity in your home or draw on your homes equity. For More Info Click Here.
  • Borrow from family– Can be very economical but is potentially troublesome as well.

If you are unsure about how you would like to fund your shed and would like to discuss it obligation free with a professional lending specialist from a major bank then click here.