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Building steel sheds in Australia has never been easier, thanks to the latest advancements in power tools. Many electric hammer drills and battery-powered screw guns are specifically designed to enhance efficiency and precision in your construction projects. With these high-performance tools, you can expect significant time savings and improved work quality.

Rotary electric hammer drills offer unmatched drilling power, effortlessly piercing through the toughest materials, while good battery-powered screw guns provide the convenience of cordless operation without compromising on power. These tools are not only robust and durable but also ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, allowing you to work longer and more comfortably.


To make these powerful tools yours, simply click on the links provided. A good selection of power tools are available on Amazon, offering you a seamless and secure shopping experience. Along with electric hammer drills and screw guns, you’ll find a comprehensive range of other power tools suited for various aspects of shed construction. From saws to grinders, every tool you need to build a robust and durable steel shed is just a click away. Shop now and experience the difference that quality power tools can make in your construction projects.

Be sure to check the reviews, return policies and shipping options with the various tool stores as you shop online via Amazon. Remember that a cheap tool is likely cheap for a reason!
If you want to consider what tools the professionals use, you could ask in our Facebook group.

extension leads

Extension Leads

Heavy-duty, bright-colour extension leads are something you can’t do without. Don’t settle for less when it comes to power – equip yourself with our high-quality extension leads today!

Power Boards with Earth Leakage

Power board with earth leakage safety switch

because you are not always sure what you are plugging into for your power, it’s a must-have piece of safety equipment. Get yours here.

Hammer Drill

Rotary Hammer Drill

for making holes in concrete for anchors like dynabolts and screwbolts. These are most often used around the primary columns, roller door columns and PA door frames. It has much more power than a standard hammer drill. Get yours now and experience the strength beyond standard drills!

Impact Drivers

Battery-powered Impact Driver Drill (tek gun/screw gun)

This is a handy drill for screwing frames, purlins and battens and cladding. They are designed to drive lots of fasteners into tough materials quickly. Elevate your efficiency – get the battery-powered impact driver drill that works as hard as you do. 

Roofing Drill

Roofing Drill – Screw Gun

Roofing drills have an excellent trigger that can vary the speed. They have tremendous torque and a mechanism that turns the socket only when the appropriate pressure is applied to the screw. Almost like a clutch. Helps you stop the bit to avoid over-fastening. Say goodbye to over-fastening hassles. Elevate your roofing game with precision and control – experience the excellence of Roofing Drill Screw Gun

Battery Drill

Battery or Power Drill

A drill is designed to drill holes, e.g. for putting pop rivets in or creating bolt holes in steel if required. It’s not a hammer drill, an impact driver. Empower your projects with our versatile Battery or Power Drill! Say goodbye to limitations – invest in a drill that adapts to your needs.

Drill Pouch

Drill Pouch

Somewhere handy to place your drill when you need to use your hands. Types vary depending on your drill. I like it when they are actually a hook on the side of the drill that hangs off your tool belt. Upgrade your work efficiency – grab a drill pouch today and enjoy the convenience of having your drill right where you need it!

Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder, small and large

Handle with caution, but handle with precision – equip yourself with the small and large Angle GrinderCareful with these dangerous tools. Handy to cut battens, notch purlins, cut openings into buildings. I’ll say again… Take care. 

Impact Wrench's

Impact Wrench and sockets or Ratchet Socket set

for doing up dynabolts, screwbolts, the nuts and bolts on your knee, apex and footing plates. Have a selection of sockets on hand from 10mm upwards. Elevate your efficiency – grab your set now for powerful and precise fastening! 

Worsite Radio

Worksite Radio

What shed build would be complete without the dulcet tones of Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil or perhaps Tones, or Eminem blasting from your worksite radio? Grab a tough boom box for your shed, and once you have finished building it. Use it inside the shed. 

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