Have you ever wanted to live in a BlueScope steel home in Australia? They can be used for extensions, a granny flat, and other things of that nature too. We’ve teamed up with Wide Span Sheds in order to offer you these for the first time ever.

We want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting down to the last detail (including the quality), but it’s probably best to look at a selection of the BlueScope steel kit homes before we do anything else. This is what you could be getting your hands on:

  • The cottage
  • The valley view
  • The estate
  • The homestead
  • The cabin

When you look at the photos you would never guess they were shed homes. To be honest, it’s hard to know you’re living in one when it’s built too. Once they’ve been decorated it will feel like you’re living in a regular brick and mortar house.

Wide Span Sheds Kit Homes Standard Inclusions

The design of each BlueScope steel kit home will be unique, but they obviously have a lot of things in common. The standard inclusions will come with every home Wide Span Sheds offers. Let’s run through everything to give you an idea what you’ll be getting for your investment:

  • Your drawings for council submissions
  • Full engineering certification and plans
  • Pre-drilled AusSteel stud frames and trusses
  • AusSteel warranty
  • Zincalume roof sheeting (or Colorbond steel)
  • Colorbond wall sheeting, gutters, and flashing
  • All brackets and joinery ready to assemble

The Guarantees That Will Make Sure You’re Safe

Constructing steel kit homes is a huge deal. They’re a lot cheaper than traditional homes, but you won’t be able to pick one up for free. It’s the number one reasons Wide Span Sheds offer multiple guarantees. It will give you peace of mind when you’re handing over your money.

  • Supply guarantee
  • BlueScope guarantee
  • Site-specific engineering
  • ShedSafe accredited

Supply Guarantee – Wide Span Sheds is a massive business most people in Australia will know about, so they have thousands of customers. I’m sure you can appreciate it’s impossible for a company so large to go through life without making any mistakes at all.

Luckily, the moment they find out something is wrong they’ll correct it. When you’re creating steel buildings you might mess up the floor plans, which means you’ll be sent the wrong materials. Or, anything they deliver could be damaged on arrival.

Wide Span Sheds guarantee incorrect, missing, or damaged items will be replaced ASAP, so you can finish your new home straight away.

BlueScope Guarantee – The company only use BlueScope quality steel. It’s the best in Australia by far, plus it will last you decades. The high tensile steel is a minimum of 450MPa, so no severe weather conditions in Australia will ever be able to affect it.

Site Specific Engineering – This ensures your steel kit home will be designed to accommodate the land it’s going to sit on. Engineers will look at the topography of the ground, the terrain of surrounding areas, and local weather conditions before signing off on any project.

ShedSafe Accredited – Think of ShedSafe is an independent accrediting organisation. If you carry their seal of approval you’re legitimate. It’s the new industry benchmark in Australia and meets their tough engineering standards. The engineers themselves need to go through vigorous training (including assessments).

Call Wide Span Sheds for a Quote Today

After dealing with thousands of customers Wide Span Sheds excel when it comes to customer service. If you call them up they’ll be happy to talk for ages answering any specific questions you might have.

I’m going to assume you already want a steel kit home so they will be able to give you a detailed quote. It will include everything down to the last detail, so you’ll know exactly what will arrive at your door.

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