Check out ShedBlog’s top tips for servicing your roller door and extending your door and automatic openers life!

  1. The guide tracks of your roller door are one of the most important parts. They keep your door running in line and prevent a blowout!
  • Check the track fixings to ensure they are still tight, in the correct position and are holding the track steady.
  • Clean the tracks down with some degreaser, removing any dirt, grease residue and grime.
  • Bend out any dents with a pair of vice-grips or pliers to keep the guides straight.
  • Ensure the top of the guide track feed (the part that feeds the curtain in) is clear of the door curtain when in the open position.
  • Spray a thin layer of Silicone Spray into the tracks, DO NOT use grease, oil or any other thick, dust attracting lubricants.

2. If your door is squealing and squeaking when going up or down, it’s likely the internal drum springs need to be lubricated.

  • When the door is in the fully closed position, if you can access the springs from the ground, give them a wipe over with a degreaser soaked cloth to remove any excess grease, oil, dust or debris from the springs and recoat them with a good quality lithium grease, opening and closing the door a few times to allow the grease to penetrate the springs.
  • If you cant access them from the ground, use a ladder and access them from the sides when the door is in the fully closed position. The steps are the same as above but don’t stress if you can’t clean off all the old grease, wipe off what you can and give them a coating of a good quality lithium grease spray, opening and closing the door a few times to allow the grease to penetrate the springs.

3. If the door is shuddering when closing, there is a good chance it needs to be adjusted. 

  • Check that the distances between the curtain edge and the guide tracks are the same on both sides, if it isn’t, adjust the tracks until both sides have approximately 10mm-20mm of curtain inside the track, be sure to keep the curtain off the back edge of the tracks. 
  • Check that the door curtain runs into the top of the guide tracks freely and without bumping over the feed. The door can be pulled forwards or back to suit by loosening ONE SIDE of the door at a time and sliding it on the bracket (always check the opposite side is tight first).
  • If your door lifts itself when closed or drops itself when open, the springs require tensioning. This is best carried out by a professional door service technician, call your local door guys to have this carried out.

4. While servicing your roller door, it is a great time to check out the seals and make sure your door is sealing against dust, dirt, vermin or wind. If you notice you have gaps around the door or vermin are making their way inside, check out our range of Cleverseal products to seal up your door here!