It’s fair to say that distilling runs through the blood of the McRobert family with their ancestral links to a Master Distiller, William John McRoberts, (born 1824). At age 21, William travelled from Ireland to America where he made his mark on the Cincinnati distilling scene during the mid 1800’s. He was destined to become the master of not one, but three distilleries.

Today, walking in their ancestors footsteps, Ian and Shane McRobert, Through a union of quality local ingredients, traditional time honoured methods, science, art and passion, the are continuing their family legacy and crafting their own unique Western Australian spirits.  

19-year-old Taffy, is living the dream at McRobert Distillery in Western Australia, where she would make her way to the far side of the distillery, and if the roller door wasn’t up, would piddle there, rather than walk all the way back to the main door to exit the building. At her age, They couldn’t growl at her,  if you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. They already had one microchip pet door to give her exclusive access, so decided another one was needed, this would also keep other stray cats out.

Fitting a cat door to a corrugated surface looked daunting. After googling for a period, I came across ShedBlogs 300 mm corro-mount plates, in assorted colours. An appropriate access point was selected for installation, and a measured hole was cut out with an angle grinder. Using the microchip pet door template, I incrementally drilled four ¼ inch  sized holes and used a sheet metal nibbler to cut out the corro-mount plate centre, to suit the cat door tunnel. The kit gave you several different length screws for assembly. With four more ¼ inch size holes drilled into the existing corrugated shed wall, I could assemble the cat door tunnel, corro plate mount, and cat door cover plate. A little tricky, but the provided screws pulled everything together.

Next, the 300 mm corro mount plate was pop riveted in place, with provided (colour matched) pop rivets. A little silicone made the new entrance waterproof, I just had to persuade Taffy to make an entrance for the unit to lock-in her microchip number. Now, I don’t find any surprises at that end of the distillery, problem solved, thank you ShedBlog. Taffy has a new, stylish access point into her abode”

ShedBlog has a range of Mount plates that can be used in a variety of applications, as proven here! 

All it requires is a little Aussie Ingenuity!