Roller Doors in Cyclone and High Wind areas need to have special design considerations. They need to consider the building code AS/NZS 4505:2012. To this end, Taurean Door Systems whose quality design and value, made possible by decades of design knowledge can provide their “WINDSTRONG DOOR” to meet your building code obligations of having a Wind Locked Door.

How do Wind Locks work? The WINDSTRONG™ Windlock Roller Door has a riveted wind-clip at every second flat on the roller door curtain. These are at a spacing of 7 clips per metre on each side of the door. When the door is in the closed position every wind-clip is supported by two steel brackets that are attached to the track. These brackets in turn are fixed to the door Jamb.  Have a look at this detailed technical brochure.

Windstrong doors are classified for use both as a Domestic door in Class 1 and 10 buildings to 20,000 cycles, and as a General Purpose – Medium Cycle door in Class 1 to 10 buildings to 20,000 cycles.

How to Order Windstrong™ Roller Doors

  1. Go here for “Series B” Larger Industrial Size Windstrong Doors.
  2. Confirm height & width of your buildings opening. This will tell you how much material you require on the roll.
  3. Select the correct door size below based on your required width and height.
  4. Select door colour you want.
  5. Enter specific door curtain width required in the box provided. Opening plus 100mm
  6. Select your location
  7. Add a Remote Motor if desired.
  8. Select protective door wrapping if you desire it.
  9. Delivery to site is $155 to most locations. Or during checkout you can choose to pick up from a Stramit depot for free.
  10. We will contact you to confirm door measurements before manufacturing.

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Each WINDSTRONG™ door has a stylish curtain made from the highest quality steel and is available in a wide range of popular colours and in very wide range of opening sizes up to 3100 high is series A and 5100mm high in Series B and up to 5400mm wide series AA…to suit single and double car garages for your home and larger sheds and buildings.

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