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New profiles added to Superseal Vermin Seal

We have added a few more profiles to the website from the Campbells Shed Products Superseal range to help keep vermin, mice, rats and snakes out of the shed. Those added are Fielders LoClad, Apex Apanel and APclad as well … Continue reading

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Gliderol Roller Doors for sheds, garages and homes

Roller Doors- The Real Score on Safety Roller doors are generally considered to be very safe. Take for example GlideRolaDoor® from Gliderol Garage Doors. GlideRolaDoor® garage doors are not only durable and safe but budget friendly as well. With computer-assisted … Continue reading

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Steel-Line Roller Doors for Sheds, Garages and Home

Steel-Line Roller Doors: Expect Nothing But Quality Steel-Line Roller doors have always been among the most preferred type of shed and garage doors. Steel-line Roller doors are usually made of corrugated steel although other materials such as aluminum and fiberglass … Continue reading

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Roller Doors for Sheds, Roll-A-Door ®, Firmadoor ®, and Rollmasta ® by B&D

While choosing a garage door for your shed may seem like an easy choice, the opposite is actually true given the wide range of choices available when it comes to the design, color, and material. Selecting your shed or garage … Continue reading

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Roller Doors really not that secure without extra locks

Recent humorous events in Adelaide where a car, parked outside some shops, decided to hide itself inside a neighbouring garage for two weeks. It’s simply slipping through a locked roller door highlights the need for extra security on your shed … Continue reading

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Shed eats Car, missing car in Adelaide found in shed next door.

Cars are coming to life, well at least 1 has in the Adelaide hills, South Australia. Lightning McQueen would be happy with the slick manoeuvre carried out by this automobile. It was the pride and joy of a man from … Continue reading

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This sheds 500 Times bigger than your garage

This is one “big” shed being built in Australia, it is taking shape at Toowong in Brisbane’s west. The six-storey-high, 89m long shed is being built at the Legacy Way tunnel worksite. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the shed would … Continue reading

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