missing car shed adelaide hills stolen hiding

The Shed that the car hid itself in, after rolling down hill

Recent humorous events in Adelaide where a car, parked outside some shops, decided to hide itself inside a neighbouring garage for two weeks. It’s simply slipping through a locked roller door highlights the need for extra security on your shed or garage.

The cars hand brake was either not on, or failed, and the car rolled down a gentle slope, across the road, down a driveway and then it punched through a roller door by pushing the doors curtain out of its tracks. The door curtain then fell back down into place once the car was inside the shed, concealing the event easily from casual inspection.

If the shed had been fit with Xtra-loks, designed for added security for shed doors, we would be very very surprised if this could have taken place. The Xtra-loks would have stopped the ram raid by this rogue vehicle. The car would not have entered the shed and the owner would have found his car straight away.

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