Gliderol Roller Doors for sheds, garages and homes

gliderol logo shed garage door manufacturerRoller Doors- The Real Score on Safety

Roller doors are generally considered to be very safe. Take for example GlideRolaDoor® from Gliderol Garage Doors. GlideRolaDoor® garage doors are not only durable and safe but budget friendly as well. With computer-assisted technology such as the Glidermatic GRD Roller Door Operator™ and the Rollamatic GRII Roller Door Operator™, homeowners can easily operate the door from both inside and outside the garage with the use of a Glide-A-Code® handset. There is also the option of operating the unit manually or automatically with the touch of a button. Xtra-lok security locks are compatible with Gliderol doors.

Best Brands to Choose From

Regardless of whether you choose a roller door or sectional door, it is always important to choose a reliable garage door manufacturer. One of the most popular and well-trusted brands in Australia is Gliderol. GlideRolaDoor® garage doors are durable, safe, and affordable, making these suitable to use in residential garages and sheds. With its spring-assisted spindle assembly, homeowners can only expect reliable performance from GlideRolaDoor® garage doors. For additional security you can add an Xtra-Lok roller door security lock to Gliderol doors.

Why Choose Gliderol®

GlideRolaDoor® is a product of Gliderol International Pty Ltd which is a private Australian company established in the year 1974. Within 4 years from when its operations started, Gliderol managed to open a branch in every state in Australia. The company is mainly involved in manufacturing steel curtain roller doors as well as automatic operators. Over the years, Gliderol has expanded to include exportation of their products all over the world from garage doors to security shutters, self-storage facilities, and even airport hanger doors. The unique orbital drive unit of their garage doors has gotten recognition internationally and all their products have been certified for quality.

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