Steel-Line Roller Doors for Sheds, Garages and Home

Steel-Line Roller Doors: Expect Nothing But Quality

Steel-Line Roller doors have always been among the most preferred type of shed and garage doors. Steel-line Roller doors are usually made of corrugated steel although other materials such as aluminum and fiberglass may also be used in cases where strong resistance against impact is not necessary. Corrugations in the steel actually provide door strength from heavy blows. Roller garage doors usually work through the use of a rolling mechanism loaded with a spring. The spring is very important to ensure minimal effort when opening the door. Roller doors used in garages and sheds make use of a spring-loaded mechanism and can be installed with a roller door operator for ease of use. For larger roller doors used in commercial applications, a geared motor or a pulley and chain manual system is used instead of springs. For additional security you can add Xtra-lok roller door security locks.

Roller Doors: Easy to Operate

Steel-Line Roller doors used for residential purposes such as garages and sheds are commonly operated electrically and make use of a remote control transmitter. This makes roller doors very convenient and easy to use and is especially of benefit when coming home late at night and during very cold wet weather as there is no need to go out of the car to open the garage door. Roller doors are also ideal for houses with short driveways as you can easily park right next to the garage door while it is still opening up. When it comes to installation, rolling garage doors can be installed by a professional or if you are a handy person you can opt to install it yourself. A manual is usually included and you can complete installation in a matter of hours.

Steel-Line; How It All Started

Steel-Line made its presence known in Australia in the year 1979. Since then, it has continually grown and expanded to become known all over the world. In the year 2007, Steel-Line became part of Crescent Capital, a private equity firm with the aim to make Steel-Line a leading provider in the industry of vehicular access systems and products. Steel-Line is a firm believer that innovation is at the heart of success and wants to be known in the market as a company that excels in customer service and delivers products of high caliber.

Steel-Line Roller Doors: A Leader in the Garage Door Industry

In the last 30 years, Steel-Line roller doors have been among the top choices when it comes to garage doors. Known for its durability and ease of operation, Steel-Line roller doors have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and can be made to fit garage openings of different sizes. The company’s roller doors are made of either Zincalume® steel or Colorbond® steel to ensure high quality and strength.

Steel-Line roller doors can withstand rain, dust, and grime with nylon felt webbing attached to the sides of the door curtain to prevent metal-to-metal contact. To ensure proper balance of the roller door and smooth operation, Steel-Line doors make use of helical springs. The roller doors can be manually operated although shed owners can choose to have an automatic door opener installed.

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